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Something remains to be said on: The power of the eye (fascinatio) has been believed in for a long time, and is still dreaded in many countries. The number thirteen continues to strike terror into the breasts of men who profess not to fear God. The apparent success which so often attends a can mostly be accounted for by natural causes, although it would be rash to deny all intervention (e. G. In the phenomena of ). When the object is to ascertain, or to effect in a general way, one of two possible events, the of probabilities gives an equal chance to success and failure, and success does more to support than failure would do to destroy superstition, for, on its side, there are arrayed the religious instinct, sympathy and apathy, confidence and distrust, encouragement and discouragement, self-suggestion and -- perhaps strongest of all -- the healing power of nature. Click/Touch the sub-volume below to view encyclopedia articles within the sub-volume.

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