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Caitlin has about getting fitted for the right bra size can change your life seriously! I m sure you ve heard this before, but the majority of women out there are wearing the wrong bra size. This may seem like no big deal, but it actually is something you should probably be thinking about before you buy your next bra. The wrong bra size doesn t just effect how your boobs look. As it turns out, wearing a bra that doesn t fit you correctly can result in a whole slew of side effects that are really not fun. How do you know you were never fitted correctly? If you display any of these telltale signs below. If you still need a push to go out and get a serious bra fitting, read these 65 bad things that can happen when you wear the wrong size.

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You ll thank me later, I m sure. Do you think you re wearing the wrong bra size? Have you ever been fitted? Where is your favorite place to buy bras? A while back, I lost so much weight that I was actually in the underweight range.

I lost basically all my curves and looked somewhat reminiscent of an adolescent boy. We took me to the store and found that I d gone up a cup size. I m a 86C now and much more comfortable. I can actually breathe now. XP Finding the right size is so important.

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I also have reason to believe that with my old bras, blood flow was getting cut off to my breasts, which could have much more serious ramifications. I had none of the signs on this list, but the moral of the story is that if your bra makes you uncomfortable in any way, even if it s not on any list anywhere, it s worth checking your size. Sized or not (even correctly or not), I still will never be able to find the correct bra without the use of plastic surgery it seems like. Like most women, I have uneven breasts but unlike a lot I have severely uneven breasts. I am talking about a half a cup to a full cup size difference.

It s naturally occurring and have been teased all my post puberty life about them. Bra s can be a nightmare because I have to think about the larger or smaller breast even if the bra fits perfect for one. I have tried to wear a 88 c but when I measure under neath my boobs it says it a 99 do I need a bigger cup or band size please tell memy parents wont buy me a bra no matter how much i ask and i am a 78d at 68. The stairs are painful but just put plasters over and you will get away with not wearing a bra78 d is not that big sweetie and unless you mean 88 which I am and I m 69 lol either way you do need a bra or else your breasts will sag. And every store has different measurements so in Victoria s secret I m a 88 DDD.

So when you do get a bra I suggest you go there to get fitted if you haven t already and your best bet is to buy one from there. I just got sized yesterday and I am a 86DDD. I did not even know they made this size until yesterday. I think the store that sized me I think got the wrong band size, a friend gave me a bra extender to make the bra fit. Hi!

My mom didnt want to buy me a new bra after my first one. So my boobs were too big at first.

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