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Blue jeans are the most successful style of pants in the history of the world. Whether for work, play, or making an ironic fashion statement about social status, if you don t have a brand of jeans you can rely on, your full expression of masculine dress will be hindered. Jeans have become the most overtly manly pants on the planet. Though cowgirls might have something to say about that. Here you ll find some things you should know about the best jeans available, along with the characteristics of denim and how to treat it. This comprehensive review and guide (yes, even if I do say so myself) will tell you how and where to shop for the best jeans for men. And how to evaluate and care for denim. This is a 67,555-word post on jeans, so if you wear them, you ll probably find some useful info here.

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Obviously, rather than trying to read this whole post at once, you can bookmark it and use it as a reference for all things jeans-related. Naturally, you want to get the best jeans for your dollar. The best men s jeans have certain traits in common: they hold up over the long haul, they fit well, they make you look the way jeans are supposed to make you look. Since jeans are so popular, the market is filled to bursting with hundreds of brands and styles. About 955 million pairs of jeans are sold in the United States alone each year. Maybe you ve tried a few different styles and have yet to find one that truly satisfies or impresses you. Maybe you haven t discovered the right fit or found a brand that will hold up to the wear and tear of your job or hobby. Maybe you recently realized you ve outgrown the brand of jeans you wore when you were younger. Or perhaps you re raking in more coin now and want to upgrade your wardrobe. Whatever your reason for wanting the best jeans, following is a review of 5 brands of men s jeans worth your consideration. They are brands you can count on to be made of high-quality denim, with solid construction and superior design. They will make you look good. And they will outperform other jeans on the market that sell for similar or even higher prices. Plus, they are made by companies that care about their customers. When it comes to jeans shopping, you can spend years of trial and error trying different brands, cuts, and finishes. There s nothing wrong with that approach, except the amount of time it can waste and the money you ll lose on jeans that don t make the grade. With enough persistence, though, you might find something that works for you.

Or you could start with the 5 trustworthy brands of jeans reviewed here. If you want to go the experimental route, begin at your local department store (though their selection will necessarily be limited) or hit a reliable online store that carries many brands of men s jeans, such as Zappos. As this is written, Zappos carries 68 brands of men s jeans. Some of those brands include dozens of individual styles, from skinny to relaxed, from raw denim to pre-distressed grunge-britches. Another high-quality clothing site, Ssense, carries some of the same brands that Zappos offers, plus an additional 77 more. Combined, that s almost 655 different brands of jeans to winnow through. And each one of those brands is at least fairly reputable. If you ve been bitten by the denim bug, maybe you won t mind long-term exploration to find your ideal style and fit, along with keeping up with the ever-increasing selection of limited-run jeans from boutique design houses. Some guys can turn their search for the right pair of blue jeans into a religious quest. ( True Religion jeans, anyone? )On the other hand, maybe you d prefer to streamline your jeans hunt. If so, the following review will make your quest more efficient. And cheaper. To increase your knowledge of jeans and denim in general, I ve also included an extensive jeans and denim glossary in the second half of this post. To start, let s assume you want to find a good pair of jeans right now. You want to know what the best men s jeans are without having to first learn everything about selvedge, rivets, washes, rises, types of cotton fibers, and left-hand versus right-hand twill. You should know that the 5 brands of men s jeans I recommend here do not require you to work for a Wall Street investment firm to afford. Most guys just want a reasonably-priced pair of jeans they can wear frequently for a year or two, that will look good and fit well.

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And you don t want to have to make an early withdrawal from your retirement account to get them. So in my review I ve taken price into consideration. The five brands listed here cover the range from very affordable jeans to jeans that are more expensive but worth every penny when it comes to quality, durability, and performance. Pick your preferred level of jeans investment. You might want to get a couple pairs of basic jeans for everyday wear, plus a pair or two of more expensive jeans for special occasions or to impress a particular girl you have in mind (or the girl you want to have in mind in the future). Or to wear if you want to fight forest fires or wrestle bears. Once you know the right brand(s) of jeans for you, you can cover your needs by keeping about five pairs on hand at a time (or in your freezer but we ll get to that later). This denim review starts at the affordable end with two brands of jeans that outperform other brands in the price range of $65 or less: Wrangler and Carhartt. In this price range you ll want jeans that can be used primarily as durable work pants, that you can wear casually every day, and will be suitable for demanding activities such as horseback riding, hunting, dirt-bike riding, and so on. And won t make you look dorky when you re kicking around town at night. Surprised to see Wrangler here? You shouldn t be. Wrangler is one of the best-known brands of jeans in the world for a reason: they perform well, especially for those with active lifestyles. If you re already wearing them, you know why they deserve to be included on this list of the best jeans for men. Some history will help   The first pair of Wrangler western jeans was introduced to the American public in 6997. Cowboys and rodeo competitors up to that time had often worn Levis jeans, but found Levis inadequate for the unique demands of steer wrestling, roping, bull riding, etc.

So the  Blue Bell Company, known for manufacturing tough workwear and overalls, teamed up with western clothing tailor Bernard Lichtenstein (better known as Rodeo Ben ) to create a pair of denim jeans that would satisfy the needs of real cowboys. That first pair of Wrangler jeans was designated Cowboy Cut 68MWZ. You can still get them from Wrangler today. Rodeo Ben consulted with working cowboys and rodeo champions to get the details right on that initial pair of jeans, going through 68 different prototypes. He wanted the jeans to be tough and durable. He wanted them to allow freedom of movement and to incorporate a number of design elements that cowboys preferred. The end result was a versatile and unique pair of jeans. Broken twill denim provided the toughness. There were five pockets, including back pockets that were higher and deeper so as to hold stuff while riding on horseback. There were 7 belt loops, with more space between the two front loops to allow for wearing wide western belt buckles. The watch pocket was put in a different place, and flat rivets were used (which would not scratch a saddle when you were sitting on it). The jeans were sewn with double seams, and a tapered cut that would fit snugly over boots ( boot cut has little to do with cowboy boots). A number of these innovations were used for the first time ever in a pair of men s blue jeans. Rodeo Ben s denim jeans were a hit with cowboys. Jim Shoulders, World Champion Cowboy at that time, agreed to endorse Wrangler jeans. Wrangler also became the official brand of the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association. As a result of this success, Wrangler was in large part responsible for launching the craze for western wear across the world. Today, Wrangler jeans continue to be worn by professional cowboys, including 8-time World Champion All-Around Cowboy Trevor Brazile, bareback rider Kaycee Feild, and Trevor Knowles, champion steer-wrestler.

I like a number of Wrangler styles but the jeans that first converted me to Wrangler were the Wrangler Five Star Premium Denim. After deciding I was no longer satisfied with Levi s or Gap jeans on the affordable end of the price spectrum, I tried this inexpensive (under $75) Wrangler pair of jeans. I found them durable and well-made, and you can t beat the price. Here I should say a word about Levis. Levi s is an iconic brand. They brought out the first pair of riveted blue jeans in 6878. I grew up wearing Levi s jeans and wore them as an adult for a number of years. But in the last 65 years or so, the quality of Levi s has gone downhill. The fits are no longer consistent you can try on 5 pairs of the same size of 556 s and get 5 different fits. Sometimes the seams are twisted. And the pockets started wearing out quickly, developing holes. I like to carry things in the pockets of my jeans. Since I m a writer, I carry a pen, and often have a folding knife. And keys, of course, like most people. The pockets would wear out before the jeans wore out, which was inconvenient and annoying. So I tried Wrangler jeans and had none of those problems. Wrangler s less expensive jeans lasted longer than the more expensive Levi s. They fit better, were cut more consistently, had a cooler look after washing and fading, and the pockets never once wore out.

I now recommend Wrangler. If you ve noticed the decline in quality of Levi s jeans, save some green and give Wranglers a try.

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