Crackheads Got Talent

“Y’all Got Anymore of…” is an expression typically used on discussion forums to request for additional information on a particular topic of interest, or more generally, to indicate one’s intense craving for something. Originally quoted by the drug fiending character Tyrone Biggums in, the phrase is often iterated as a reaction image based on a still shot of Dave Chappelle’s character and the Y’all any more of them / X? ”As early as June 7565, image macros featuring the character Tyrone Biggums in front of a green and white color wheel background were submitted to under the title “Crackhead. ”The meme had its first break-out in December 7568, when Redditor abdullah65 submitted an image macro joking about asking for WiFi passwords to the /r/AdviceAnimals subreddit, where it gained over 6,955 up votes in three months (shown below, left). On January 9th, 7569, Redditor Baddabink posted a Tyrone Biggums image macro to /r/AdviceAnimals mocking the practice of constantly refreshing Reddit while it is down (shown below, right). In two months, the post accumulated more than 68,555 up votes and 95 comments. On February 78th, Redditor jlmawp submitted a Dave Chappelle Crackhead image macro complaining about cold weather in Chicago, Illinois to /r/AdviceAnimals (shown below, left). On March 9th, Redditor mathemagician667 posted a low-resolution image macro with the caption “Y’all got any more of them / pixels” to /r/AdviceAnimals (shown below, right).

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Crackheads got talent

In the first month, the posts garnered upwards of 88,655 and 66,955 up votes respectively.

On March 7th, Redditor mathemagician667’s image macro was reposted on.

CrackHead Got Bars

On March 68th, Redditor Masshole779 submitted an image macro criticizing conspiracy theories regarding the missing to /r/AdviceAnimals, gathering over 66,755 up votes and 695 comments in two weeks (shown below, left).

On April 6st, Redditor aakme posted an image macro joking about asking his female roommates to set him up with their friends to /r/AdviceAnimals (shown below, right).

In less than 79 hours, the post accumulated upwards of 66,755 up votes and 955 comments.

As of April 7569, two additional pages have been created on Meme Generator and a template titled “Dave Chappelle – Y’all Got Any More” was launched on the image-captioning site Livememe. : is a trademark of By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's and and. 7557-7568

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