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I love to live for the moment! Whatever happens- happens! Go with it. You only live once. Do it right the first time. Have no regrets. Allow yourself to feel guilty for 85 seconds, then get over it. Find your happy place.

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Hi I am Tatiana. Full Russianfrom NY. I am fun crazy outgoing, easy to talk to, easy to get along with. Romantic, passionate, lol I like guys that are funny smart honest and know how to treat a lady. Hmu race doesn't matterMy name is Tricia. Right now i am in the nursing field. A Medical Assistant. Goal is to start very soon the RN program- continue Anesthesiologist- than get my doctorits degree. Right now on the side however, I am a Senior Vice President of a company that I helped design a product for andRed all day. I live for the moment no more scores to many possibility oppertunities only the hard only the strong can call themself warriors and iam one of them warriors. My ambition is to be on top of my world no oneAbout me: I am a very out going person, if something comes up im up to doing anything. I like to cook, ride bmx, motocross, take my truck to car shows. And definitely waking up to my son and playing with him every day well educated, with an outgoing and funny personality. I have no problem making a fool of myself to get someone to laugh, in fact I prefer it! ! I currently have a job as a security guard, but I'm looking for something better. I nearly forgot about this site. I'm single and not looking to settle down, but one never knows what the future brings. I'm into anime, technology, gaming/anime conventions, Headhunterz, Eminem, The M Machine, Adventure Club, dining out, movies, bar hopping and many others. Click yes. I enjoy eating, sleeping, and watching TV. Those three are important but I can go crazy Crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy. If you feel Crazy too, eat some good food then munch. Yes! Testify! Sports is always there (bowling, flag football, lacrosse, mini golf, etc).

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Free is Free and Food is food. I have 9 tatts and more to come, piercing in both my ears. I am a real laid back person can be a major asshole at times. I am not too ignorant, thisI have a great sense of humor and I'm fun to be around. I love doing things like a weekend of partying here in Vegas till dawn. I am very driven and involved with several different ventures I play guitar I'm passionate about a wide range of music from Toby Keith to Metallica. , check out these a gt . Hey whats up my name is John, but everyone calls me Johnny. Goddaaaaaamn. I work fulltime at my grandfathers trying to get a leap into the microelectronics business and construction world. Im singleee. Lookin for a ni Update 9/5/67: The most-recent news on Johnston’s departure, including a video a made from his new workplace can be foundI was waiting to post this, hoping it wasn’t true. As a longtime WTEN viewer and big fan of the morning show, it’s disappointing to hear Nick Johnston will no longer be part of “wake up with 65. ”While numerous on social media earlier in the week, Johnston had not spoken publicly about the change till earlier today, when he shared the following message on Facebook: The news industry is tough. I mean, it’s fun and rewarding and interesting and exciting, but it’s also volatile and unpredictable and casualties are, unfortunately, not uncommon. The other element — one most people in most careers don’t deal with — is that having a public job means that when that role changes (for good, bad or indifferent) it’s news. And news it is. I’ve had dozens of people reach out since Monday to ask if I knew what was going on. Johnston’s post on Facebook is up to nearly 6,555 comments (yes, 6,555) and the WTEN Facebook page has also seen dozens of postings from viewers disappointed with the news. He was fired from Channel 65! LOLGeorge, why are you finding humor in someone s termination or demotion? That s odd, and sad. George, your 75 Things You Didn’t Know About George would start with #6, George is a clown Kristi, your Times Useless Newspaper finds humor in other peoples Dirty Laundry! Not me! I am making fun of your 75 Things You Didn t Know About So and So column!

Ahh, George, we talked about this last week. The headline is clear. You know what you re getting into. If you don t like it, why click more? Doc, It is one thing for Doc to be silent and be thought of as a fool it is quite another for Doc to open his mouth and remove all doubt! Patty, my name is out there and I don t believe you think at all! You hide behind your computer you silly woman! Grow up! It is you who gloat about this man who lossed his job, You have something seriously broken inside but before we can fix it we would like to know how long you have been feeling this way! That entire channel is awful. How about giving Jimmy something other than fluff pieces to report on? Their weekend morning show is amateur hour. At least Nick was tolerable. Jimmy is absolutely horrible so that s why they don t give him anything better than fluff pieces. He stumbles over his words constantly I understand they want diversity but there s plenty of other reporters they could find to fill his role. I liked Nick too and hope he lands elsewhere. I d like them to give Greg Pollack the morning jobMan I totally agree with the fact that it is a total joke to keep Marlow and let Nick go. These pieces with Jimmy are well let s say not interesting at all. I was curious what others thought of Jimmy. I can t stand him, he s a an awful reporter. Ohh, no way. I just tweeted a couple weeks ago how I like his style and approach. I think I m more of a progressive news viewer so I like funky, when the story permits (and his do). Congrats, Nick you re now free to move somewhere warmer and more tax friendly. I m right behind ya! WTEN s market research sucks. Nick is great.

We followed him from WRGB to WTEN. Guess we will be moving on again. What happened to the young blonde meteorologist that was on WTEN last summer? Kaitlyn Wright ended up taking a weather job closer to home in North CarolinaSo sorry to hear Nick will be leaving WTEN, I will hate to see him go. I enjoyed watching him on WTEN and followed him from his previous station to watch him on WTEN now I guess I will switch back to my previous station for news as the only reason I started watching WTEN was because Nick moved there. Not sure where the station is getting their demographics from but he I believe he was relatable and appealed to a slightly younger group of viewers, viewers that you would think the station would like to keep given the fact that news can be found anywhere at any time of day or night with the click of a button. To keep relevant and fresh and appeal to younger demographic makes sense, they are your future. Best of Luck to Nick in his future endeavors. Nick did a fine job with the weather very capable. He did not seem comfortable with banter, but that could simply be due to his personality (not a small talker perhaps). It also doesn t help that he had many segments where he was followed by Christina Erne simply repeating what he had just told us with their Storm Tracker (which virtually never actually tracks any storms)! BUT Nick did a good job with what his job actually is (was) presenting and forecasting the weather. Sorry to hear this news and I feel badly for Nick (who clearly wants to be HERE not many do! And with/near his family). WTEN should reconsider. All the best, Nick. Dan, it s called embedding, not copying. If you re going to criticize, at least be accurate in your bitching. Nick was the only reason i watched this show, even when he was at CBS6. I can think of many others locally that deserve this more than Nick. Steve (in his own mind, at least) is the Tom Brady of the local weather world. Good luck trying to get people to notice you while Tom s on the field. Nick never had a chance although over the years, I m sure they told him he d get the ball next season. Steve has too much class to get involved in all this. He is a good person does alot for the community. This decision has nothing to do with him. I am sure they did not consult him.

This is a corporate takeover and obviously they don t care what the local community thinks. Steve has taken the high road with silenceNick is literally the only reason we watch WTEN. The show is a total amateur production with the exception of Nick.

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