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Advertisements on this website are from external sources. You may request content be removed by. All valid DMCA removal requests should be removed within 79 to 86 hours of submission but is not a guarentee. Are there lot lizards in truck stops? Of course, but relax, they are not as common as you are lead to believe.

Besides, if you have to worry about whether your man/woman would mess with a lot lizard, your problem is not with the lot lizard, it is with the person you have chosen to be with. If it is any comfort to you trucker wives, most truck stops DO NOT have lot lizards. You can't find them if you want to. Most times you will hear a lot lizard but never see them. If you are getting your sleep or talking on the phone or watching TV in the back, you might never see a lot lizard.

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Most of the time, they try to arrange dates on the CB. Sometimes they do knock on truck doors of unsuspecting trucks but not like they use to back in the day because drivers can call police or record them if they are not interested. Some truck stops are definitely known for commercial company (lot lizards). Where that is the case, the police also know. Drivers can got to jail and get the truck impounded for letting these girls in the truck.

Which means he will likely lose his job. And you have to find a way home. Also, some of these women have diseases. Some lot lizards are violent. Some run scams to get you robbed.

Heard those stories too. Some of the prostitutes might be underaged commercial company which means even more serious charges against you. Plus you would be supporting a vicious enterprises that basically tortures young girls against their will. I can't think of something much worse for a young girl to go through being kidnapped and forced to do it with (sometimes dirty) men and then not even keep the money. That's evil.

This organization educates people about how big the problem is and what you can do about it. The trucker in this video help save the life of one of those so called working girls who was underaged.

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