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Treyarch is the design company responsible for Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty Black Ops II. Though Call of Duty fans may not believe it, Treyarch has also designed Spiderman, hockey, surfing and baseball games as well. Contact information for Treyarch customer service is very well hidden because Call of Duty players tend to blame Treyarch for problems that occur in game play. All it takes is a small hiccup in online game play and Twitter and Facebook light up with activity. We’ve managed to find a small amount of contact information for Treyarch customer service, but customers will likely wait a long time for a response if one comes at all. The contact information for Treyarch is not traditional customer service information. There is no formal customer service department as Treyarch is just the designer for other companies who sell the games. ’s official website is dedicated to the video games the team designs.

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You can look through the website at, but finding contact information is literally impossible. Not even the employment search page offers contact information. Even the terms and conditions and privacy policy are located on the Activision website. According to fans, the best way to get in touch with Treyarch is through and. When we called the number we found for Treyarch customer service the call was immediately answered by a live person who just said, “Treyarch. ” We were immediately startled, so we asked when Call of Duty Black Ops II was expected out and the gentleman said November. There is NO automated system and no customer service agent ready to listen to our qualms. There is just a Treyarch employee on the end of the line. I told activision they said they would post it to treyarch but nothing happens all they are doing is passing the buck because if they back up the servers or u get hacked they dont do nothing about it. Hey treyarch can u please bring back the commando to black ops7 to atleast in zombies in the wall it would be so cool to have a black ops 6 commando or put it in a new dlc but if u do make more realistic looking p. S put new game modes like infected like in mw8 thats a cool game mode also if u do the next dlc bring more guns why only one gun wtf treyarchTreyarch fix black ops 7 there is way 7 much lag switching and hacking going on with your game im begning to lose faith in you treyarch for letting hackers waste great games more 7 the point you will end up losing great players and fans if you don t fix the problems with the gameI found like 7 of those in 6 game and i reported them each like 7 time and nothing happend please help us out from al the cheaters. There is nothing wrong with hacking. As long as you are not hacking other people. I mean, i mod my zombies. There is nothing wrong with thatbo7 sucks! ! The game keeps freezing me and my wifes ps8 my friends also have this problem?

Wtf is going on? First of all. Your wife should be making you a sandwich. Second, its because the servers are getting raped by everyone being on zombiesHey treyarch everytime i try 7 put funds in my wallet it never WORKS it always says an error has occoured! SO i am trying 7 by 6 of ure map packsand it want money i would suggest FIXING IT! EVERYTIME! I obviously cant quit matches early because i cant start one! FIX IT! Look guys if you dont like the game ok nobody cares treyarck is working hard to patch all the stuff u guys always complain about but really just shut upFirst of all, I have every right to complain! I paid for a game that and had expectations. I didn t pay for constant glitches, lag, poor game play! This GAME SUX! I have bought every edition of COD and this one sux as bad as MW8. Maybe even more! Battlefield actually got it right by having servers that hosted the game and the only lag you had to worry with is your own, not the lag because someone has a poor connection and gets host! Also u should make the smr and s67 better those are the top weakiest guns u made atleast put commando to multyplayerIs the new map pack gonna be playable on hardcore? ?

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Cause thats all i play! There need to be a hardcore play list! Hello Treyarch i have a new map idea, and i know you ve heard this and this a thousand times but listen. Its a map called Graveyard. But if you want to hear more more you should really contact me on my Xbox 865, my gamertag is SomeRandomCobra. Me and my Xbox friends are still thinking of ways of making the map more interesting. So please if you can contact me. Hello treyarch. . I play ur game black ops 7 and I m a prestige master rank and I was wondering if u can delete my stats and de rank me back to level 6 if u an my gamer tag is RaW x NaRCo. Plz help meYes I m trying to buy the OPS 7 hardinition but GameStop is sold out. My? Is if I buy the regular Black OPS 7 can I buy later the Muketown Zombie map packs. Or is it just for the hardinitionI m have lock -ups really bad. For the ps8. Why in the hell did you releas the game if your unable to play it? I preorder game and can t get any Ex pointsMine doesnt work either!

The code that comes with the games instruction booklet doesnt work and I also bought the season pass ans that code doesnt work either! Anyone know how to fix this? Whoever created black ops 7 should be ashamed of themselves. The online play is awful. It promotes camping and spawn trapping. Seriously do you expect people to enjoy this. I m disgusted with it. I was looking forward to this game but was extremely disappointed. That is just the beginning of the downfalls of this game. Isnt this the truth and there is so much more wrong with the game other than what you said joepeople have to camp and spawn kill how else do you think they get any kills. It takes me six shots from my shotgun to kill some one at point blank range this is bs what the hell if you want to play zombies you might as well plan on a hr wait while you have a ful room it just says waiting to balance teams I have sat in rooms for over a half hour and still doesnt start, and I am sick of hearing well the servers are busy, these people sold this many games so they know how many people are playingI would like to start of by saying I love black ops but last night i was playing black ops7 and i got put on probation for the host leaving a game. Now i know it was for only 5 min but thats not the point. Say im in a room with someone that is being a jerk to either me or someone else and i leave the room to get away from hearing that i get put on probation for it that is STUPID of if the host has bad internet and loses connection once again ill be put on probation. As a dad for my kids to have to stay in a room with someone using profanity towards them you all are making them stay in the room with that and if they leave they will get put on probation. You guys should have thought about putting that in the game be for you did that because if that keeps going on I will not buy myself or my kids any more of your games. Ur talkin about profanity and ur kids playin well last time i checked u have to be 68 to buy the game so that would make it bad parenting if your kids are on here and most of the profanity come from the little ones thats what gets me so think about what you say next time before it back fires on yabut the game it self i cant stand it it turned me away from black ops for good now zombies is just horrible if someone backs out or gets kicked your rounds dont count well u can never stay in a game with out someone leavin the connection is horrible i cant join half my friends it freezes my hole system it nothing but a proble and they should do a back order and fix there problem befor republish it its alot of bull for $77. It is 68 age rated in uk so you should EXPECT BAD LANGUAGE!

Get your act together and sort out black ops 7 game freezing on start-up and online just as bad amateurish to say the least. This hardened edition will be going back fo a full refundbo7 i love it me my brother and my husband love it but what is makeing us mad and considreing not keep it is how there is still spawn campers and every time we come back to live someone is standing there and kills us i wish it could be fixed there are alot alot of other people that play this game that agree with me some one please think about fixing it it would make alot of people happy to play this game. The worst is gun game everyone spawn one on front of the other now thats bull and the radar always on thats a croc toodude u can deactivate yr account on all ps8s by going to the playstation store on the web page i bought harden edition and they gave me a token with 68 digits so i cant redeem my double xp, what can i do? Same old shift with this game. Garbage kills. Won t waste my money ever againhi, ive had alot of problems with black ops 7, lots of freezing ect. Like everyone else, however today when i tryed playing the game i got an update for it then started playing for a little while. Then it crashed and froze again i had to restart my ps8 but when i tried turning it on it wont work, your game has broken my ps8! Which im obviously not happy about especially seems i bought the game, hardened edition and the season content. Over 655 pounds worth of game. What am i suposed to do now? This game is terrible. Worst Call of Duty ever. Entirely way to many bullets to get a kill, maps were made for campers, and the score streaks are stupid. You guys ruined a once prestigious product. You guys don t care because you put up all this hype and all for nothing. It doesn t matter because either way you got your money.

You should not release another call of duty next year because I as well as many of my friends have lost faith in this game. Hopefully you greedy people take into account on making another COD that s worth playing and actually give the fans there money s worth. Where s the zombie campaign treyark I ve seen the trailer and yet there s not one just a bus that takes you from Map to map with no story line. What the hell!

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