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Treyarch is the design company responsible for Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty Black Ops II. Though Call of Duty fans may not believe it, Treyarch has also designed Spiderman, hockey, surfing and baseball games as well. Contact information for Treyarch customer service is very well hidden because Call of Duty players tend to blame Treyarch for problems that occur in game play. All it takes is a small hiccup in online game play and Twitter and Facebook light up with activity. We’ve managed to find a small amount of contact information for Treyarch customer service, but customers will likely wait a long time for a response if one comes at all. The contact information for Treyarch is not traditional customer service information. There is no formal customer service department as Treyarch is just the designer for other companies who sell the games. ’s official website is dedicated to the video games the team designs.

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You can look through the website at, but finding contact information is literally impossible. Not even the employment search page offers contact information. Even the terms and conditions and privacy policy are located on the Activision website. According to fans, the best way to get in touch with Treyarch is through and. When we called the number we found for Treyarch customer service the call was immediately answered by a live person who just said, “Treyarch.

” We were immediately startled, so we asked when Call of Duty Black Ops II was expected out and the gentleman said November. There is NO automated system and no customer service agent ready to listen to our qualms. There is just a Treyarch employee on the end of the line. I told activision they said they would post it to treyarch but nothing happens all they are doing is passing the buck because if they back up the servers or u get hacked they dont do nothing about it. Hey treyarch can u please bring back the commando to black ops7 to atleast in zombies in the wall it would be so cool to have a black ops 6 commando or put it in a new dlc but if u do make more realistic looking p.

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S put new game modes like infected like in mw8 thats a cool game mode also if u do the next dlc bring more guns why only one gun wtf treyarchTreyarch fix black ops 7 there is way 7 much lag switching and hacking going on with your game im begning to lose faith in you treyarch for letting hackers waste great games more 7 the point you will end up losing great players and fans if you don t fix the problems with the gameI found like 7 of those in 6 game and i reported them each like 7 time and nothing happend please help us out from al the cheaters. There is nothing wrong with hacking. As long as you are not hacking other people. I mean, i mod my zombies. There is nothing wrong with thatbo7 sucks!

! The game keeps freezing me and my wifes ps8 my friends also have this problem? Wtf is going on? First of all. Your wife should be making you a sandwich.

Second, its because the servers are getting raped by everyone being on zombiesHey treyarch everytime i try 7 put funds in my wallet it never WORKS it always says an error has occoured! SO i am trying 7 by 6 of ure map packsand it want money i would suggest FIXING IT! EVERYTIME! I obviously cant quit matches early because i cant start one! FIX IT!

Look guys if you dont like the game ok nobody cares treyarck is working hard to patch all the stuff u guys always complain about but really just shut upFirst of all, I have every right to complain! I paid for a game that and had expectations.

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