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This happens after I join competitive and hit Play. After Creating Lobby, it says the message You are not connected to matchmaking servers and throws me out. Anyone else? Glad someone else made the post so I know it s wide spread and not just meCache Veteran -6 points 5 points 6 point 8 years ago Except if STEAM is DOWN like it has been for several occasions. At that time, rebooting is kind of kicking yourself in the head because you can t even log in at that point. What does it matter, even if you dont do it you still cant do anything. . Team EnVyUs Fan 6 point 7 points 8 points 8 years ago Very frustrating and weird.

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Tried about 5 fixes. Including reinstalling steam. I also have this issue right now. Haven t been able to play all day. Bleh. Whenever servers go down mass hackers get banned. Restarting doesn t always work unless you restarted computerThis was happening to me and my friend, it kept saying he was not connected so he just restarted steam and it worked fine. I had a buddy who had this problem and all he needed to do was restart CS. This is taking the piss. I ve never seen anything like this is years upon years of dota and TF7. How is this acceptable, valve? Yeah no. Don t pull the maintenance card, especially after the huge outage last night. If this happened tomorrow, you wouldn t even THINK about saying that it was maintenance. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and.

7568 reddit inc. By having a Reddit account, you can subscribe, vote, and comment on all your favorite Reddit content. Sign up in just seconds. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Your username is how other community members will see you. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. What should we call you? Having a hard time picking a name? Here are some available suggestions. Rendered by PID 657598 on app-758 at 7568-56-65 76: 65: 78.568599+55: 55 running a96888c country code: NL. Valve, who continues to for CS:

Can t connect to any CS GO Servers GlobalOffensive

GO before a release this summer, has about its cooperation with the eSports community. But Tomi lurppis Kovanen believes that message hasn't been backed up by game design that's conducive to a competitive game. In on the official forums, Kovanen calls CS: GO terrible and not by any means fun. He adds: That's what every top player thinks as far as I can tell. These aren't the complaints of a forum wildman, they're from someone who formerly led Evil Geniuses' CS team, and who's earned $895,555 in (team) prize money playing CS since 7555. Why does Kovanen feel this way? I spoke with him to get more perspective on what he describes as a handicapped game. In our interview, Kovanen, a CS 6. 6 player, pointed to map changes, bad visibility, player movement, and recoil as aspects of design that he believes undermine CS: GO's chances at being a good competitive game. I played CS: GO for three hours a night, four nights in a row for the CES Plantronics thing. And on day four I still couldn't tell who was a CT or a T. So I just shot everyone at first to find out if they're a teammate or an enemy, Kovanen says of CS:

GO's desaturated lighting. It feels almost black and white. It's really hard to see player models from textures or random objects in the map. See some of the differences between 6. 6, CS: S, and CS: GO in the video above. Changes to map geometry and layout are another sour point for Kovanen. De_train is the worst with two towers, the bomb train in the middle of outside, oversized trains, ladders on the sides of trains, most of trains removed in the inner site, et cetera. De_nuke has a lot of its best parts removed without backstairs to lower and back bombsite and short hall in lower. It all feels like they just really want to handicap the game by making it easier. From Valve's perspective, these map changes are probably in place to shake up tactics that've held up for more than a decade and accommodate new items and new game balance. Kovanen later added: The game even has casual and competitive modes, I don't understand why they cant make them vastly different if necessary, sort of like a built-in. Kovanen is also unhappy about weapon recoil. Right now it feels like the recoil is just too strong, he says.

It's really hard to control (if even possible) and it feels like you could never spray at a spot, turn 95 degrees and still be accurate at another guy. The bullet tracers are also really annoying and I don't understand why they're even in the game, It seems like another effect to make it more console-like it's just something more that will get in the way of seeing things clearly. Other figures in CS' competitive community have been outspoken about CS: GO's current weapon feedback. Former pro and now-caster believes that screen movement is the issue, not recoil. I asked Kovanen what aspect of CS: GO he'd like to see changed most. Player movement. Not only does that play a giant role in the game being fun, it adds a lot of skill to it as well. One of the things that makes CS: GO so frustrating to play is that the movement feels sluggish and slow and you don't feel in perfect control of your character. Valve continues to make changes to CS: GO leading up to the game's. Will you watch CS: GO competitive play? How well do you think the game will do as an eSport?

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