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Gone are the days where I get matched with other British players. Gone are the sub-65 pings. I have my maximum ping set to 55 but I consistently have a ping of around 67 playing against players on the European mainland with pings of 5-75. Playing like this there is a hugely noticeable peek advantage to my enemies. I am shot twice in the space of once, and more often than not dead as soon as I peek, As they see me before I do them. Why are there no London based servers? There are dozens of providers in London, and I m sure Valve even have their own server infrastructure here already. Even connecting to a Swedish server I SHOULD have a ping of around 85 not 67.

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EDIT: To be a bit more clear, 65 ping is my best case scenario. Scoreboard shows 95-55, Net graph shows 65 (Why the discrepancy? ). EDIT 7:

So, I just played a game on a Swedish server. The scoreboard noted my ping as 97. The net graph, as 65-75, and after typing ping in console, was there displayed as 85. I solo queued, and my max acceptable ping is 55. Does anyone know what exactly the ping command does?

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Why are the 8 values so wildly different? And what is a sure fire way of correctly determining the servers location? Typing ping into console only gives you a vague region such as EU North/East/South/West. I would very much like to be able to only connect to EU West servers. Virtus.

Pro Fan 8 points 9 points 65 points 8 years ago Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan 6 point 7 points 8 points 8 years ago Cant say I have gone below 65 ping in a long while over here in csgo. I ve had better connection to dutch servers. I play from the uk I would say my ping hasn t had that much effect as you state mine is generaly 85 to 95. If you have the right experiance and money to use esea I would recommend it, I often get 65 ping depending on serverI live in a little town pretty close to Birmingham and my ping isn t great quite a lot of the time. The best I have ever gotten was around 85-95 ping while most of the time I get like 75.

I assume trying to get fibre optics would not help me and I just need to be closer to servers right? Team Dignitas Fan 7 points 8 points 9 points 8 years ago its fucking terrible, past 7 days constantly lobbies of 9 russians, only english speaking person. At supreme. I mean what the fuckYou would have thought living in London would mean I d be able to connect to local servers. It s not like London is a small town in the middle of bloody nowhere.

They have servers in Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam Vienna and I m sure plenty of other large EU cities too.

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