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“Online dating has blunted cupid’s arrow᾿ went one headline. That was before I saw the picture of the ‘unemployed cupid’ above with that caption “online dating killed cupid᾿. Try asking your grandparents how they met. They will tell you by the river or some hill, and it was love at first sight and before they knew it, they were engaged to be married. ᾿So things have changed these days. But does this mean that cupid has been sentenced to some jobless corner since people who opt for online dating don’t get struck (surprisingly) helpless by cupid in the name of love at first sight? I beg to differ. Remember how difficult it was for cupid to match people from different countries those days.

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They had to be brought together by work or college. And even then, communication was actually not very easy. But with the internet, what can’t be done?

I think cupid has now become internet savvy and his work, like everyone else’s in this computer era has become quite easy. Cupid is now striking people who live on different continents. No cupid is not dead, he just retrain into a new job in fact I think his job is harder now.

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Now he has to try and match people from all over the world. With online dating there are more people looking to be matchedYes, sadly it's TRUE. Cupid is dead and the internet killed him!

-(Doesn't matter how you meet. Cupid's arrow is the one that makes you feel the chemistry. You can't really know that via computer or phone.

Nothing wrong with meeting via the net, but good old Cupid can still strike at any time when you meet with that first glance or first kiss.

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