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The way to be the happiest of couples is to constantly remind yourself why you’ve started dating this person, what are their best qualities, and behave like you’ve just fallen in love with them. Real love is not about not giving your partner reasons to be jealous. It s about making everyone around jealous of them. Do you think that preferring trash to treasure is a good choice? Probably not. Well, neither is cheating on your woman with someone who is not worth it. You are unique. Don t date people who treat you like you aren t.

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Good friends are people who know all the stories you can tell. Best friends are a part of your stories. Friends are those that know everything about you, and this doesn t stop them from loving you. Lovesickness is just like any other kind of sickness: don t take the first pill that turns up. I want to learn the richest language in the world just to express my love to you, because English apparently lacks these words. If you do something in the name of true love, you always win, because love is the strongest power in the world. It s curious how someone who once appeared in your life out of the blue can mean everything to you now. Follow your heart, they said. So here I am right in front of you. What shall I do now? You fall in love because of the countless cute little things the other person does and never even notices. You fall in love in a twink, but then your whole life does not seem to be enough time to spend with your loved one. But love, on the other hand, is always perfect. I always tried to look happy, because I d heard this helped me become happier in the long run. But then I met you, and now it comes naturally without any effort from my part. If she really loves you, she isn t going anywhere.

If she doesn t, you d better wish she was. It is only when both partners try to give as much as possible when a true love is born. Do whatever you did when you started dating, and you ll never break up. You may not always hear from others what they feel about you, but you can always see that. If something makes me happy at all it is knowing that you miss me and think about me, too. Our love is like a ray of light in a dark cave: it gives me hope and strength to carry on on the worst of my days. Loving you is the second best thing that has ever happened to me. The first one? Knowing you. It took me too much time to realize that I don t need everyone in the world to like me you are enough for me not to care about anything or anyone else. I don t have to try to thin about you all the time, it just comes naturally. The best thing to do for the person you love is to let them go. If they don t go, they have always been yours. If they go, they have never loved you anyway. The love you give away is forever yours the love you keep is lost forever. Instead, they should stay close but different and respect the boundaries.

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I had never spent so much time and effort on anyone, but then I met you. I don’t get mad at you very often, but when I do, just remember that the only reason I do is that I love you and care about you. I just want you to realize that when we first met was not by chance, it was meant to be. If I was to go back in time and our meeting was erased, it would happen again, and I would choose you again. Always. When two people meet each other it’s like in chemistry: if there is some reaction, then both of the substances change. If there is no trust you are not going anywhere. Where does one get trust, you ask? It comes from knowing you are loved. It’s rather an opportunity to find the best sides in this person and reveal them to the world. Unless there is a commitment, there is no love. If you are mad at your loved one for something, look closer. There’s a chance you are mad at yourself. People start loving someone at the point they are not really sure anymore whether they like them or not, but can’t let them go. Right after breaking up might be the best time to ask yourself what you are and where you are going, for you must have changed. People tend to criticize their loved ones for the things that they have a problem with themselves.

Think about that. Never ignore someone who truly loves you and cares about you, or one day you may realize that while counting stars, you’ve lost your moonCommitment is when you keep your promises long after you were in the mood you made them in. The people you should be staying with aren’t those who bring out the best of you, nor those bringing out the worst, not those trying to change you. The people you will be truly happy with are the ones that will bring out the most in you, that will make you believe in yourself, be brighter, and enjoy your life. If you love two people at the same time and you only have to choose one, let the first go and keep the second: you couldn’t have fallen for them unless the first one was not the real deal. Sometimes you feel butterflies in your stomach and this is how you tell you’re in love sometimes it’s pain that makes you realize the same. Choose your partner carefully: there are not many people out there who are worth you annoying them every day till you die. I want one of my fingers to remind me that you are mine, for the rest of my life. I want no ending at all, or a hard an painful ending, because this is the only way I know I have truly loved. If two people are in love with each other, nothing can keep them from getting closer. If one of them is not, there is no way you can make them stay. If love is not limitless, if it does not look like madness, if it doesn’t need sacrifice, then it isn’t true love at all. A true love is an irresistible power, and this power knows no end, no shame, no sin. Sometimes I can’t be there by your side, and sometimes I choose others over you, but I miss you in the middle of long commutes and office meetings and I regret my decision every time I give up a spot on my planner for someone other than you. When your man cheats on you, just tell yourself that he is choosing some trash over you.

If you think that the problem is you, you are definitely wrong, it is him, he is the one at fault. Never let yourself be sunk by people who do not care, just live life like you want it to be lived. I think that there is nothing better more than a friend rather than a friend who has chocolate. Honestly, the best way you can heal your broken heart would be spend time with girlfriends. At one point or another, one of the two friends is going to fall in love with the other person. I think I am suffering from a disease of always being the girl next door, no one loves me. I am probably too happy being alone on my own and that is why I’m always in the friend zone. It gives me a whole lot of courage, loving you with all that I have, with all that I am, dear. Dear girls, I hope you know that you do not need people who do not need you, remember it. I think we became lovers because we know how it feels to have crowds jealous of the two of us. But it is a wonder how well you know the person you sleep with at night. Do you know him? I want people to know how many boyfriends I have, I want to write it down and share it out. Your prince charming is not just around the corner, you may have to kiss some toads along the way to finding him. I think that we only accept what love we think that we are deserving of, yeah, that is it, really. I still am wishing for a love that will never grow old on me, a love that will last a lifetime. If you are treated just like everyone else and nothing special, then you must not be loved.

It’s when you call him at 9 am and he answers.

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