Kai Refused To Be Friends With D O At The Beginning Of EXO

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Kai revealed   that he didn t get along very well with D. O. During their debut era. On JTBC s  Knowing Brothers, Chanyeol recalled the time when Kai refused to eat with D. After taking our debut profile photos, I was walking home with D. When we ran into Suho and Kai. I asked, Suho, where are you going? And he said he was going to eat with Kai.

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So I suggested we all eat together. But then Kai Kai said, Suho hyung, I don t want to eat with that bastard. ' D. Would glare at me so much, so I thought, Does he not like me? D.

And I have a hard time opening up to people, and I can t eat with people I m uncomfortable with. And I didn t curse at him. I just said, I don t want to eat with him. But [Chanyeol and Suho] are making things up to make it more interesting. Kai thought D.

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Didn t like him, because D. Had a habit of glaring at others. I have really bad eyesight, but wearing contact lenses is uncomfortable. I usually wore glasses, but I took them off during broadcasts. So I couldn t see.

When D. First came to [SM Entertainment], he didn t have a great first impression. He would always look like he was glaring at people because he couldn t see very well. Used to get in trouble by his upper classmen in school because of his eyesight. I would unconsciously glare at people while walking down the street, and an upper classmate once beat me up because he thought I was being disrespectful.

Thankfully,  Kai and D. Soon opened up to each other and became fast friends. But about 7 days after that incident, we cleared everything up and he became my closest friend. Corrections are welcome: )Both parts are Baekhyun.

I know it s weird he gets two parts in the same chorus half, and they show Kai solo shots But I think they messed up the frames/audio for the Short Ver. I m colorcoding according to the audio, which has clearly Baekhyun s voice at both parts:

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