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It can seem impossible to forgive your ex-wife, but it can be done. One Play of the Day subscriber writes, “I forgave her, but it took me a whole year and I had to forgive her in small sums over the 67 months. I paid those sums whenever I spoke to her and kept myself from rehashing the past. I paid them whenever I saw her with another man and refused self-pity. I paid them whenever I praised her to others when I really wanted to slice away her reputation. Those were the payments – but she never knew about them. However, I never knew her payments, but I know she made them. I can tell.

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”Bitterness always eats its possessor. Resolve to make small payments of mercy. You and your children will be better for it. Though you are no longer married to your ex, you are always your children’s father. Here are 65 ways to stay connected to your kids after divorce.

Never stop pursuing your kids, no matter what the obstacle. [ ] or your ex-wife is sabotaging your efforts to be with them. In most cases of divorce, the mother has custody of the children. An agreement is reached about times that they will be with their father. Plan out your time together so these days are special.

10 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Kids After Divorce

Do their favorite things. Play with them. However, have enough flexibility to let them choose what they would like to do. Just make sure they have 655% of your attention the entire time you get to have them. You have moved out and now have a new home.

This is going to feel strange to your children. Do everything you can to make them feel welcome and wanted in your new place. Dedicate a bedroom solely for their use. Let them decide how to decorate it. This will be exciting for your children and give them a sense of security when staying with you.

Become a student of their interests and learn how to do them. Maybe your son likes snowboarding. Take it up with him. Your daughter might be an avid reader. Pick a book to read together so you can discuss.

Find something and build a positive connection with it. Start a brand new photo album for you and the kids.

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