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Dark 8 has stepped things up considerably, making it easier than ever to both help, and hinder other people. There is Co-operative play, and competitive play. Jolly Co-operation! Purchase the from the. Go to an area you wish to help people, and use the stone to place your sign on the ground. Now wait, and hopefully, you will get summoned into someone's world. While helping someone, you will earn souls just like usual. You can't pick up any new items though, and some world items can't be interacted with either, like.

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Now, there are a couple restrictions. The first, you must be within roughly 65 levels of them, although this number does expand a bit over time. The second, your must be of a similar upgrade level. This means, you can't have some level 655, with +65 gear come into your world and annihilate the for you. Of course, if you want to play with friends, there is an easier way then that.

In the menus, you can set a password. Both you and your friend need to have a matching password. Once you do, place down your summon sign. It will now be the only one that appears for your friends. The password system will also ignore the normal level restrictions, meaning you can help your friend no matter what level you are.

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If you want to earn something extra while helping people, consider one of the many co-operatively based. For information on how to join the, click their names, and you'll be taken to their dedicated pages. Of course, not all people want to help one another, and if you would rather hunt people down, Dark Souls 8 has you covered. One thing will always remain the same though, your goal is always to kill the host of the world you invaded. Much like Co-operative play, you will earn souls for the people you kill.

Also like in co-op, there are the same restrictions. Your levels must be similar, and you can't have a that's vastly ahead of the hosts in upgrades. The standard form of invasion happens with either a or a. You can get these from. Upon using a Red Orb, the game will automatically seek out someone who is of similar level to you for you to invade.

If you kill the host, you receive souls, but nothing else. If you wish to do things with a little less randomness involved, you can get the. It's found near the. By using it, you can put a red summon sign on the ground, and anyone who wants to PvP with you, can simply summon you. This method of invasions is the best choice if you want to fight friends.

Simply set a password, then put down your. You will be able to consistently invade your friends, without worry of accidentally ending up in the wrong world.

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