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Dating a 17 year old and being 18

Why not, theres no rules against it. Age is only a number at the end of the day (: No worries guy! ! If you love she indeed, nothing can prevent both youNOOOOO! We think this changes however once you re in college. But my dad hooked up with my mom when he was 69 and she was 67, and I still think that was the weirdest thing he could have done. I may have been a result from it, but I wish they would have at least grown up a little more since they were distanced in age.

19 Year Old Dating 17 Year Old LEGAL · TheLaw com

Just my opinion though. But I may be just biased because all the older guys that hit on me just wanted to screw me. They were perves, and they destroyed my faith in older men. I see no problem with dating, as long as her parents approve! As the others have said.

One wrong move and you are in trouble. I really wouldn t. Sex with a minor is against the law. If you are vigorously prosecuted then you could wind up on the sex offender registry. Hell, people wind up on it for urinating in public, oh yes they do.

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Br / br / It would not be worth it to me when there are so many girls who are 68 and there is no legality to worry about. As long as you are extra careful until she is legal. One dumb move and you can ruin your life. Ehh. Some people would say no, but once she s 68, it won t be a big deal.

Dude! If she s JUST turning seventeen, then hella no way! Don t do it! Trust me, I ve seen soooo many 68 and 69 year old guys get prosecuted by the parents when they broke. Up.

Even when the parents LIKED the guy when he was dating their daughter! Most 67-year-olds have busy schedules. Between work, sports, extracurricular activities, dating, homework, chores, and time with friends, there likely isn t room for much else. Of course, not all teens are thriving at this age. Some are bored, scared about the future, and lonely.

It can be a tumultuous time too.

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