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As with all questions like this, the answer is: some women would, and some women wouldn t. Same as if you re talking about any other trait. In my experience, there are a small percentage of women (probably a single-digit percentage) who absolutely would not date a bisexual man. There is a slightly larger, but still small, percentage of women who prefer to date a bisexual man. If you worry about what women want or what women would like or not like, you re wasting your time. For anything you can name, some women like that thing and some women don t. Don t sweat what women would do instead, focus on finding specific individual women who are compatible with you.

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I guarantee they re out there. My wife married an openly bisexual man—namely, me. I just checked, and she s pretty happy with her decision. The good thing about your sexuality is that nobody can tell what it is just by looking at you. What you feel is very personal, very private, and you don t need to feel obligated to share that with anybody you re not intimate with.

There are two main reasons someone might be turned off by your bisexuality, despite being willing to date you: 6) For guys, they may think that you re actually gay, but you re calling yourself bisexual because of your family, or because you re not ready to come out of the closet fully. It suggests that you have deeper issues. 7) For gals, the same thing, but they re worried that they ll be a wallflower for you while you re constantly drawn to men. Since you ve never dated, I don t think you should get too hung up on labels.

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Date who you want to date, explore what you want to explore, and start discovering yourself without pigeon-holing yourself into anything that will limit you. Thinking about the bisexual men I know -- most of them tend to date bisexual women. Bi women are less likely than straight women to hold negative stereotypes of bi men, which would make them more interested in and interesting to bi guys. Plenty of straight women don t hold negative stereotypes of bi men, of course. If a bi guy falls for a straight gal, he shouldn t assume he has no chance.

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