What Is Dating A Lesson From Taylor Swift Sort Of

Fresh perspective on dating issues compiled in consultation with friends in North America, Australia and African nations. Recognizing the signs if a man is no longer interested in you will help you plan the next steps to take. (None of us want to be dumped and left heartbroken when least expecting it. ) It is a blow to the ego and it seems so wrong. But when a man doesn't like you in the way you hoped, it is time to move on. Find someone new who will treat you better. Here are five of the warning signs that confirm a man isn't interested in you: Unless you spend every hour by your boyfriend's side, he should have a reason to call you.

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In this modern age, texts and other technology often take the place of phone calls. However the effect is the same. You are waiting for him to contact you, but the phone doesn't ring. If he doesn't call or text you as often as you'd like, you have to wonder why. Next time it happens, here's the questions you need to be asking yourself:

It’s natural that women love their men to be around them as often as possible. If a man is interested in you he will most likely have time for you but this isn’t the case when he isn’t in love with you. Is he disinterested in spending time with you? Do you find him doing less important personal things while at the same time being 'too busy' to attend to what is important to you? For example, you are graduating, or it is your birthday.

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Or perhaps you're attending an important family function or party and when you invite him he gives excuses of not being able to attend. Excuses are signs of a man's disinterest. Unless his excuse is a really good one, consider it a warning sign that your man doesn't like you as much as you'd hoped. A man who doesn't look at you is not really interested in you. You want a man who can't take his eyes off you!

The biggest warning signs he is no longer interested (if he was before) include failing to notice significant changes. For example: You probably feel like you're often talking to the back of his head. He certainly doesn't gaze into your eyes or hold eye contact during conversations. Perhaps you haven't really noticed before now because he's always busy and engaged doing other things.

But stop and think for a moment. If he doesn't look at you or notice significant changes you've recently made, he isn't interested in you. Yes, it is natural to feel heartbroken when a man is not interested. But you can't heal a broken heart by subjecting yourself to more of the same. So if your guy isn't paying you attention and looking at you, don't waste your efforts on him.

Have you met his friends and family? Does he introduce you when you happen to cross paths?

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