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It's usually a compliment but it doesn't necessarily mean *he* wants you as a GF. But it means he considers your type/personality very uncommon/rare, precious and desirable. A girl gamer who's into sports and loves to have a lot of sex is a keeper. : P An honest girl who doesn't play mind games or hard to get is a keeper. Etc. You can say that a friend is a keeper too. For example a lesbian who hates feminism would be considered a keeper for many guys.

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XD It's something so uncommon and rare that it's refreshing to see. A guy friend who isn't interested in having sex with you is a keeper. That is a great way of explaining it better than what I could have done! He means he wants to be with that girl and thinks more of her than just someone to have sex with. If your a keepers its kind of obvious, he wants to keep you. As in your good at life basically. Unless your play football, and im talking about real football, (soccer for americans, football, not soccer), then he is just talking about what position he would put you in. . Thank you! This made my day. Or. Night. : p You are very sweet! ^^now that you've accepted my compliment its time for a sexy pose farm9. Staticflickr.

Com/. /. 558_d98696568b_z. Jpg now im waiting for you reaction 9. Bp. Blogspot. /funny_animals_56. Cutestpaw. Kitten-sleeping-train. Jpg LMAO im gonewww. Youtube. I need another fat catIt is quite a compliment! It means that you have everything this guy wants and needs and that he trusts you and enjoys your company. Enjoy! It means he thinks you would make a good partner. If he's much older than you it means he really likes you but it's the wrong time.

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He probably means that you're good in his eyes. He enjoys your company, and he quite likely thinks you're good looking. I know that if I called a girl a 'keeper', I think she's suitable for me! But, every person is different. If your friends think he's a good person, and they approve of him, I'd go after him! He's implying you have big manly hands, like a goalkeeper on a soccer team. : pI am hoping by putting a entry this stupid question stops showing up on the op of the list. It means, that out of all the other girls he had to go through, you are up to date the one he does not want to let go or see leave. It basically means he likes your way of doing things and considers those traits to be valuable for future use as a gf/wifeI believe it originates from an old fisherman's term. When you land a fish in prime condition it is called a keeper. Lesser grade fish are thrown back in the water. Thus, keeper = table gradeIt means you've temporarily fooled him into thinking you're worth staying with. It's our way of saying you have a great personality plus whatever else the guy values. Similar to when we say someone is beautiful, but that's just a judgment of character - saying someone's a keeper means we truly value your company. It doesn't necessarily mean he considers you a GF, but it's certainly a good chance, much better than if he just called you hot or cute - maybe he has a crush on you too, and is just as uncertain as you are.

He thinks you are great, even marriage material one day. Yes, it is a fine compliment. Be happy. The guy thinks your the type of woman worth keeping above many others. Your qualities are above average and he feels you are on a higher level compared to other women he knowsSounds like you are very good, we only keep the best. I know what I need in a woman so if you are that good to him, he will never leave you. Love it and live it and keep being a very special lady. A marriage/wife material, someone who's suited to bring in front of the altar. He has found many such qualities in you that make you compatible for him. He can share himself with you. You are not going to be taken lightly. : ) cheers. Well being a keeper is a good thing. It is that you are someone that that wount around all the time. It means he loves you and you are worth loving.

Being you are a keeper worth wedding bells. If it's your boyfriend/partner who says this it usually means that your a good catch and he doesn't necessarily want to loose youDo you have some TV fishing shows to watch in your area? Keepers & culling will be taught there. My crush said he'd eat. Oh never mind, you're under 68. But yea, he either likes you or he's foolin you. Either he means for himself, or he admires you as a person. Its a compliment in whatever use hahaDon't always take what a guy says too seriously. It could mean anything really but until he asks you to be his GF don't get too hung up on it: )You are too precious to let go. He doesn't want to blow the chance of loosing youit means you are not a b****. It isn't certain that he likes you too because some guys say that in a friendly way. It can mean that he really wants you to stay in his life. What ever he considers to be good qualities he finds in you. So bring called his keeper is definitely a good thing. A keeper is a girl you don't want to lose, marriage material, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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