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Dating a keeper meaning

It's usually a compliment but it doesn't necessarily mean *he* wants you as a GF. But it means he considers your type/personality very uncommon/rare, precious and desirable. A girl gamer who's into sports and loves to have a lot of sex is a keeper. : P An honest girl who doesn't play mind games or hard to get is a keeper. Etc. You can say that a friend is a keeper too. For example a lesbian who hates feminism would be considered a keeper for many guys.

Meaning of she is a KEEPER

XD It's something so uncommon and rare that it's refreshing to see. A guy friend who isn't interested in having sex with you is a keeper. That is a great way of explaining it better than what I could have done! He means he wants to be with that girl and thinks more of her than just someone to have sex with. If your a keepers its kind of obvious, he wants to keep you.

As in your good at life basically. Unless your play football, and im talking about real football, (soccer for americans, football, not soccer), then he is just talking about what position he would put you in. Thank you! This made my day. Or.

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