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Some women over 65 have re-entered the dating game, often after a marriage that ended by death or divorce. They hope to find Mr. Right while avoiding Mr. Wrong. Dating at any age can be challenging. Here are some ways you can deal with the most common things that can happen in language that might be new to you! When a man has lied to you and betrayed your trust, picking up the pieces and moving forward can feel daunting. It can take time for people to warm-up during the senior dating cycle.

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Don’t give up until your gut tells you to or if the thought of kissing the person makes you physically sick. First dates can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never met, or have had minimal face-to-face contact. There s no way around it. As we learn to move on after divorce, even the strongest of us can t help but feel like we did something wrong when the person we loved and cared about, and spent our lives with as a partner, suddenly doesn t want to be with us anymore. During the 65s and 75s, moving in with your sweetheart was so common and freewheeling that it earned the dubious label, shacking up.

Years ago, most widows didn t remarry or even date again after the death of their husband. Although this choice is right for some women, others want a new next chapter that includes life with another partner. They are meeting in competitive sporting events, senior living communities, book clubs, cruises and traveling groups. Our goal at Highlands is to assist you in every way we can to build upon your roots and make your dreams come true. In some cases, we help you see life possibilities, new branches if you will, you have never considered nor thought about.

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As you prepare yourself to achieve your dreams at Highlands, I do have some advice: On your first day of class, you’ll get some introductory information, but then it’s down to business. If you have any questions about the structure of the course, the grading systems, when papers are due, when tests will be given or anything else, this is the time to ask! Your instructors should cover the following topics on the first day of class. If they don’t, ask them about:

• required textbooks, If you get ahead of the game on the first day, chances are you’ll stay ahead – and finish ahead. College courses nearly always require more reading, more homework and more of your time than your high school courses did. But if you’re having trouble clarifying your goals, see an adviser in Academic Support. Find out what’s beyond the classroom. Highlands University offers a lot of support services that are yours, free, just for the asking.

It’s your life. Look to professors, advisers and college staff for support, but not for decisions. Decisions are your responsibility. Major in what you like, and success will come. Don’t study something because your mother, father or friend thinks you should.

Put your heart into it! Learning is lifelong.

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