9 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone Going

Dating a man going through divorce

As someone who's dated a couple of foreign men and is, I can definitely confirm that there's a pattern. Although each man was completely unique in his own way, the ups and downs were actually fairly similar. If you happen to be one of those lucky people who's you know that there are some things that are simply the best — and the worst. It’s hot, it’s charming, and it’s sexy! Then, of course, someone always says, “I’ve always wanted to date someone with an accent! ” Yeah, I know it. If you’re like me, and don’t completely understand the language fluently yet, family events can make for difficult situations… especially when there’s laughing involved. Are they laughing at me?

What I Learned When I Dated a Man Going Through a Divorce

As Americans, foreskin isn’t as common as it is in Europe. So, at least from my female friends, the probing about whether or not my French fella’s foreskin makes that much of a difference during sex is pretty common. Whether it’s a fumble over a word from time to time or they mistakenly call a headache, a “head itch, ” it’s just so adorable!

Breaking news, you guys: Not everyone wants to live in the United States! Is my fiancé looking for a Green Card?

Dating a man going through divorce DailyStrength

Hell no. Neither one of us wants to give up our prospective cities, so it will be half the year there, and half the year here. But that doesn't change what strangers like to assume.

It’s one thing to visit another country for a few weeks, but it’s another thing to date someone from that country and really get to immerse yourself in their world, especially with them as your guide. So exciting! But that’s not your intention!

You just spend so much time together, that of course you were going to start saying, “All is ‘tickety-boo’ in these parts, ” eventually. When there’s a slight language barrier combined with cultural differences, you have to both listen and pay attention more than you would with a fellow native. It takes a lot of patience to listen THAT much and work out any issues that might arise from those aforementioned cultural differences.

I’m sure this can’t be said for every country out there, but when it comes to dating a European, it’s like a wake-up call to every one of your senses. There’s also all that kissing in public… have you been to Paris in the springtime? This isn’t to suggest, in any way, that dating a foreigner is some sort of status symbol, but getting to divide your time between two countries, the cultural immersion, and listening to that accent all the time does make for at least a little something about which to brag.

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