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Dating a team magma grunt chapter 8

Is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it! Now with that, I have some bad news. As Gooberman is now going on mandatory military service, as it is with all Korean men, the comic is now more or less forced to be on hiatus for something around 7 years. He s said that he ll try to draw some stuff occasionally, so that s something to keep excited about. Hopefully everyone s still interested in it in two years time and we ll see a conclusion to this chapter. [deleted] 658 points 659 points 665 points 7 years ago Dang. Now I m extremely sad. The work has been getting really good and the funny tidbits being thrown in we re getting better and better ( evil org mode and where were you keeping that wallet for example)The pressure's on.

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69 points 75 points 76 points 7 years ago Wallace covers up more of his body when in swimwear than in his normal outfit. Chanchito Spoink! 68 points 69 points 75 points 7 years ago Chanchito Spoink! 6 points 7 points 8 points 7 years ago This is great. Their romance is almost as perfect as Gold and Silver s, but that s a very high bar to pass.

Surfin thru life 6 point 7 points 8 points 7 years ago Is their a manga between gold and silver or are u refering to the pokemon manga? 6 point 7 points 8 points 7 years ago comment score below threshold -67 points -66 points -65 points 7 years ago I m so excited Steven made an appearance, too! I don t see him that often in doujin that doesn t focus on him specifically. Gah, even the fanservice bonus panels manage to be as cute as the rest of this doujin! I ll really miss this:

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( Good luck Gooberman, return safe and soon. Any other comparable/good Pokemon doujins I can tide myself over with in the meantime? That makes me a sad pangoro that it s going to be a while, but he s gotta do what he s legally got to do. Napping the day away 69 points 65 points 66 points 7 years ago Great chapter. Hope Gooberman will be alright.

I eagerly wait for the continuation. On a serious note I really hope everything goes well in the army for Gooberman and nothing unfortunate befalls him. Zamochy 5958-8655-8656 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago OOOHHH, IT'S A PUMBLOOM! 69 points 65 points 66 points 7 years ago IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST CHAPTERS! IT KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER EACH CHAPTER!



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