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Dating basic rules

RULE 7: Women desire attention the same way that guys desire sex. Give attention sparingly. This is your currency. RULE 8: Do not become so invested in any one girl that you cannot simply walk away. RULE 9: Confidence attracts women even more than good looks.

8 Modern Dating Rules Every Single Person Should Know

This is why you see fat, ugly, or dumpy guys with hot chicks. RULE 5: Desperation repels women.

You will attract more women when you don't care if you're attracting women. RULE 6: After getting a girl's phone number, wait at least two days to call her to avoid appearing desperate.

Chinese Dating Culture The Basic Rules

RULE 67: A person can only take advantage of you as much as you let them. RULE 79:

Where women are concerned, pay more attention to what they do than what they say. RULE 76: Bros before hoes.

Any girl that can be stolen from your best friend isn't worth stealing from your best friend. RULE 78: Don't reveal too much about yourself too soon.

Remain a mystery. RULE 79: Girls are not the only thing in life. Have other things in your life that excite you.

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