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Swedish girls are everything what you fantasize about. They are tall, beautiful, blonde (although artificially blond dyed hair), busty, athletic, and strong. These viking women are the enigma wrapped in a conundrum because the men still haven t figured them out. After reading all these comments you must think, damn, how do Swedish men and women mate and have lots of babies? I wonder that too, and I ll put the blame on the dark swedish winter and the bright swedish summer. You also must think that Swedish women hate their fellow men. It s part true, more Swedish women are interested in foreign men than they are in other Swedes. Boredom, lack of balls, and overall disappointment are contributing factors.

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What can you learn from this? Like I said, if you are male and not Swedish, you already have a leading position. If you have the ability to speak to girls without being a pussy and make good conversation, again, major brownie posts. And finally, if you have some gentlemanly qualities,   the beautiful blond Swedish girls will be all over you. Please however comment on something more constructive. Perhaps why Swedish women have a reputation of being blond/beautiful or why the negative reputation of being sluts. Or your experience dating a Swedish girl or being a Swedish girl and dating. Go out and find those Swedish girls. Keep us posted on your adventures. In a swimming hall s shower room, Swedes act like peacocks. Showing their balls and everything. Such a shame that they can t transfer that into their presence with women, LOL! And for the wanker jokes, the swedes are terrified of sharing feelings. Seems like middle school everyday, doesn t it? And they go crazy when they see blond girls and of course swedes are more than willing to play into that. That s why to find a Swede, don t look in Sweden. Swedes who lived abroad are centered and have balls. I have been working two weeks on that article going around Stockholm and I can tell you that I agree with you on many things but I think there s somethimg tou are missing HAHAHA! ? ! Whats wrong with you guys? Im from sweden and Wtf! You can t write what swedish girls like and how they are like. They are people like everybody else? They are induvidiuals!

DAMN! And not all swedish girls look like that, HAHA! It s few that do. When I wen t to Canada and the United States i saw alot of far more beatufiul girls there then our pale white blond girls boooring! I married one over 65 years ago and I ll love her till I die. 6 Blonde hair and blue eyes. Great legs. Sweet personality. Best of all, she loves Jesus and we ll see each other in Heaven when we die. David Join a Scandinavian club, you ll definitely meet some beautiful girls. I can t imagine that i can t find my self aswedish girl, here am i looking for one and the only oneAnderson Isn t it kinda weird to have a site for married people looking for people seems a bit unethical. I m looking for a nice American man to hook up with and hopefully have a future with. I find it soo hard to find some serious guys out there. I am Swedish and people find me beautiful and smart, but what do I do wrong Hi Swedish girl, I am an Aussie bloke and I love Swedish women. I am nice to open doors for them and be courteous but also know what I want and don t have any problems telling you what it is. So what do you think? Would you like to come down to Australia and I can look after you and take you to dinner? Thanks. All the best. Michael. I am a 6 7, 755 lb, blonde haired, blue eyed American. I am at a disadvantage because there are so few on the east coast. I play rugby in CT and I m healthy, but I will admit I too must listen more to this guys advice. I don t go up and talk to woman I think is the most beautiful, which I admit is cowardly. I m great around guys but horrible around girls.


Honestly the ones I knew who are great with girls either don t revere them as much as I do (most likely my mistake) thus aren t afraid or are gay/metrosexual and aren t really interested in that way. It s funny because once I do I have a conversation I have a great time. I just think a man who thinks too much and doesn t just do what he wants is doomed in dating ( WARNING This does not bode as well in business or in most other decision making positions, you won t have a job and or be in debt). Ever been to a cold pool? So jump right in my Swedish brothers, take a lesson from the impulsive. You come from a long line of great thinkers, lovers and (what made it all possible) warriors. Count when you need to count, think when you need to think fight when you need to fight (before you lose your chance forever). Fight for your ladies and they will love you for it. You forgot one thing if there’s anything a Swedish girl wants in a man, then its good looks. That’s why they usually settle with Swedish guys. Foreigners aren’t as attractive as Swedes (mostly) and we’re a shallow people. This is kind of a chicken and egg argument. As a Canadian, I found Swedish women to be very aloof, unless they were drunk. In that case, they were content to be just another piece of ass. Amazing transition. And despite their air of superiority, most Swedish women will settle for pretty much anyone as a boyfriend. No self-respect at all. So, Swedish women Looks thumbs up! EVERYTHING else thumbs down! Josefine You re right. I ll add the good looks parts in. Tom I appreciate that you as a Swedish guy admit this is close to the truth. Thanks for writing about it on your blog too! Nick I have heard that complaint as well and now I m starting to wonder if people are running into really young beautiful swedish girls. Because I can t tell the age gap for many girls and they may be younger than they look, hence the low-settle.

I must say one thing though, being a foreigner in almost any country makes you popular with the girls. It must be the whole exotic thing or something but being from another country seems to do half the work for you. I dont see how any guy traveling to sweden havent already noticed this to be honest hehe. I´m not very fond of the fact that you as an american women think you can come in here and rant about what you know swedish women want and how worthless and unmanly swedish men are. In the end it means you´re calling ME a little bitch and i can´t tolerate that. So come here and say that to my face you fat, fundamentalist, piece of sart american. (see stereotyping is stupid. Anton- If you would like to insult people and call them names, go elsewhere. We do not need your shatty attitude here. I want to apologize to you Sapphire for being rude, i read some of your other posts and came to the conclusion that you were not as bad as i first thought. I just got angry and had to blow off steam. Very interesting information here. I can t say anything about swedish girls because I don t know any. But the exotic factor that you mention is true. In my country I m just average and a lot of guys here love blond girls. But in other places (even other latin countries as well) I get hit on. But that happens more with white guys. I ve never asked anyone this question because it s quite dumb but, what is it? What makes white guys (no intention to look racist here) like latin women? I m not saying it is a general thing, because I realize many don t like latin features and vice-versa (n my case, my skin is not as dark as some wouldd expect but my hair is). But there seems to be a fascination for latin women, at least that s what I ve seen from quite a number of white men. Is it the looks? The culture? The language? The dancing?

The fact that we are a little more submissive lol? Most likely that it is a mix of everything you mentioned. For me, I would say that I like the tanned skin and the dark hair. And I find it very pleasant to watch a latin woman dance=p. Which reminds me, I should take some salsa classes hehe. I wouldt be surprised if alot of guys find the language/accent very sensual aswell. Id say culture is a given since it will come along with the woman. Ok, thanks for your comment. It s probably the same reason of why we find scandinavian guys attractive as well, a mix of things such as looks, coyness, accent, politeness, straihgt forwardness, literacy, good humor, etc. P. S. Yeah, you should definitely take some salsa classes, when a man can (or at least tries to) dance =P P. Yeah, you should definitely take some salsa classes, when a man can (or at least tries to) dance… =P Yeah it seems like alot of fun, had this latina friend who always said that I should learn but she never wanted to show me, she always said that her boyfriend will teach me, but I wouldt feel comfortable in a dance like salsa with another man lol. So I never learned. Yeah, I agree, it is pretty uncomfortable. Maybe she just wanted to respect her boyfriend as some men could get jealous if they see their girl teaching another guy how to dance. But if you still want to learn, I ve found some good dancing classes on youtube, just type how to dance salsa. And the good thing is that if you are kind of shy of looking like a fool, this is a good way to learn. And also you can repeat it over and over until you get it! Lots of Fantastic information in your blogpost, I bookmarked your blog post so I can visit again in the near future, CheersThere are some salsa places in stockholm that Ive been to, there are mostly hispanic people there, in fact, so many that everytime Ive been there that everyone just assume that I speak spanish. My first idea was to just go there and ask a girl to ask me to teach me lol. I always figured that the best way to learn something is to just do it. But everyone at those places are just there to dance salsa and are great at it. So I kinnda feel out of place. How would you as a latina girl react if someone asked you to teach them to dance in a salsa club?

That sounds very good, Im not shy to ask but I dont want to appear like a hopeless case either.

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