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If you’re tackling your dating app profile the same way you would your resume, then your approach just might be all wrong. Sure, you want to show off the best version of you, but finding a potential life partner (or even a quick fling) requires a different take. As Facebook puts it: “It’s complicated. “Your photo should be a true reflection of who you are, without being misleading. ”You know what they say about shopping for wedding dresses? Be open minded and be prepared to try on something different, something unexpected. “Over the years, working with thousands of singles, [I’ve seen that] often who they end up with, doesn’t necessarily line up with who they thought they wanted and needed in a partner.

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” So, don’t write off someone because they don’t fit who you might picture yourself with. Enjoy the process. (Here are. )You know exactly who you are and you’re not afraid to show it. But that might be a bit scary for someone who doesn’t know you enough yet to accept your flaws. “Although it s important to be authentic and not mislead anyone, there is a time and place to have. Just like you want someone who can enrich your life, your potential date (and potential partner) wants the same.

So, make sure you don’t read as boring. Here is how to find something new. You don’t want a sloppy page, riddled with incoherent sentences, spelling errors, or anything else that puts you in the wrong light. Speaking of spelling mistakes, make sure you read your own profile before you. “It s all about the first impression you make with your profile and often, bad grammar is a major turn off. Poor grammar creates so many negative attachments and people tend to make assumptions about a person, such as they re lazy, they re uneducated, they are not a quality person. ”Don’t hide behind sayings in your profile.

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All they do is hide who you really are. “It s often indicative of lack of creativity and originality. The use of clichés can confuse some people. Be original and express yourself clearly with your own, original thoughts. ” Grab a thesaurus and. Lonely? You’re not the only one – that’s why everyone is on dating apps.

We are there to find someone. “There is a fine line between sharing things you are truly proud of and bragging about material things. ” You don’t want them to think you are “too good to be true. ” (Another cliché to avoid. )I ve said it before and I ll say it again: I love Mexican-inspired food! I think any meal that allows me to add black beans or avocado (which most of my Mexican dishes welcome) is the best meal.

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