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A work fashion blog offering fashion, lifestyle, and career advice for overachieving chicksI have NEVER been able to do false eyelashes, and taking the time to go get lash extensions is just not in the cards for me from a time/money perspective. (I am also mascara challenged. ) So this is my magnetic lashes review (specifically, One Two Cosmetics Magnetic Lashes ). This is what my prior attempts at false eyelashes were like: I would do my makeup, then try to apply false eyelashes. Perhaps ONE eye would stick, but the other eye wouldn t. I would get glue all over my second eye while I tried to figure how to match the first eye. Thirty minutes later, frustrated and annoyed, I would remove my eye makeup, start over, and go out with regular mascara and no fake eyelashes.

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My experience with magnetic lashes has been a WORLD apart after playing around with them for about 85 minutes I was consistently getting them on my lashes, and they actually looked good. I m still perfecting my touch, but some notes: In general, I m really happy with my purchase. Readers, have you tried One Two Cosmetics or other magnetic lashes? Care to share a magnetic lashes review with us?

I posted a bit late this morning, but need to switch to a new financial institution. A few posters recommended Vanguard or Fidelity. (thank you! ) I have an ira and investments/money. I have Vanguard for both IRA and individual investment accounts it s super easy to manage and to view my accounts independently or combined.

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Haven t tried direct deposit. I m very pleased with the customer service (and, for what it s worth, have never heard from anyone who s been seriously burned by Vanguard). Second everything said here. I have used direct deposit (in both directions into Vanguard and out of Vanguard / into my bank account), and have had no problems. I have an individual Investment account with Vanguard, and have been very Happy with the service.

Fees for mutual funds are low, you can get a rep on the phone if you have questions and I have used direct deposit with now issues. I use Vanguard for investments. It s not the type of institution where I would have a regular checking account, though. My regular checking is at First Republic Bank. They are a private bank with location in areas with high population.

I joined because they have cookies but I ve stayed because it s a really incredible bank. I ve also had checking accounts with credit unions and that s a great option too. This made me laugh, because we re looking to change banks at work, and First Republic sent us cookies, which someone in charge actually mentioned as a reason to go with them (they are also going to cost significantly less than we re paying with our current bank). I told them that they sent over lunch at my last company, so we should hold out! For the OP, I use Fidelity for my investments and I m very happy with it!

I d go with that or Vanguard. Thank you for this review!

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