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The day you stepped foot in the door you were handed a syllabus that described the focus and objectives of that class, as well as a clear calendar of topics to be learned and project due dates. You may have even been warned not to lose it, as another wouldn't be provided (okay, I'm dating myself here. We didn't have electronic copies of things yet when I went to college). But it was well established that a syllabus was important and yet, I never received one prior to my freshman year of college. This seems another one of those easy to remedy challenges that can definitely better prepare students who are college bound and also those who will be going into the work force, who have to follow a schedule. High school students are notorious for mismanagement of time. One great way to better teach them to manage that time and become more accountable for their learning is to provide them with a syllabus. In my AP Literature and Composition class, students receive a syllabus that maps out the entire year, with clear expectations and specific objectives to help students see the whole picture.

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It doesn't only help students though, it helps me stay on track and see the scope of the year. Here are some things to include in your syllabus for maximum organization for all: Putting these essential pieces of information into a document will undoubtedly help any teacher organize the year and appropriately for optimal student success and it will help students clearly understand what is expected and the timeline for the full year. This global perspective will ensure focus for everyone. Following a syllabus is a skill that can easily be taught in high school to better prepare students for their future and it doesn't only have to apply to seniors (although for them is it more of an imperative). The sooner we help students learn to use a syllabus as an organizing tool, the better adept they'll become at finding their own way through it. Don't be afraid to be flexible with your syllabus and leave a TBD (to be determined) to allow for student input where possible. As long as you're clear with what your expectations are, students will only gain from this experience. How do you communicate the goals of your courses with students? Please share Discover the intimacy and enjoyment of connecting with like-minded singles over the phone. First encounters from the safety of your own home, dressed as you like in complete comfort. Hearing someones voice beats typing and reading long, drawn out (and often misleading) profiles any day! After years of trying out every dating site out there, chat lines have proven to be a really intimate and unique way for me to meet new people. I ve tried them all. While LiveLinks is my type of place, the others are great too. Wow.

I guess I just like getting home and picking up the phone rather than staring at a screen for another 8 hours. It was different at first calling chatlines looking for a date. For me, the 65 minute free trials made the whole thing a win-win. It s incredible how many fascinating people there are out there once you pick up the phone. Living in a rural area has its advantages, but when it comes to meeting new people, there are not many options available. Of course, you can take advantage of town meetings and church services, but more often than not, the only attendees will be people from the area. . As the world becomes increasingly digital, so to is our way of meeting people. Consider that in 7558, three years after eHarmony launched, it claimed to have 8 million members. Today, eHarmony boasts 66 million. We’re living in an increasing digital age. If you’re in a public space, a quick glance reveals how dependent on technology we’ve become. People are constantly on their cell phones. It’s quite a world. The Ohio to Erie Trail is a colossal project, not just for the state of Ohio but also nationally. Dreamed up more than 75 years ago, this route will eventually connect the Ohio River in Cincinnati to Lake Erie in Cleveland.

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Of its planned 875 miles, more than 775 miles of trail are complete as of early 7567. Trail lovers the world over can now come to the Buckeye State and enjoy either the entire route (with some on-road connectors) or choose from the myriad of completed trails that make up this corridor. Starting in Cleveland, the stretches more than 85 miles from the city, through beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the vibrant city of Akron, south to the village of Bolivar. As it approaches its southern end, the Towpath Trail connects to the in Massillon. Between Dalton and Fredericksburg, about 67 miles of on-road riding is required, but once in Fredericksburg, you can pick up the, notable for its adjacent Amish buggy path, which creates a unique shared-corridor experience for everyone. Holmes County boasts one of the largest communities of Amish in North America. From Holmes County, you will enter Knox County and encounter the Bridge of Dreams, Ohio s second-longest covered bridge and quite the trail experience. The includes the bridge and some breathtaking vistas before its end in Danville. Just on the other side of town, you will come upon the crowd favorite, which takes you through the Knox County seat of Mount Vernon. Though short (just a mile long), the, which runs through the heart of Mount Vernon, makes a crucial link to the, a newly emerging route that continues to connect many small towns on its way into suburban Columbus. The Heart of Ohio Trail whisks travelers to the border of Delaware County. From there, it s about 65 miles of on-road riding to the, a mile-long pathway named after the town s historical Galena Shale Tile and Brick Company dating back to the 6895s. On the south side of Galena, you can join the, a beautiful short paved path with great views of the Hoover Reservoir. The route ends at Plumb Road, where you can connect to the, just on the other side of the roadway. This 9-mile paved path weaves through many landscapes, including some wonderful residential neighborhoods, ending at the border of Westerville. The town offers an exceptional trail system the and as you pedal through town, you will be entering Franklin County.

At I-675, a short but important connector, the, takes travelers into the city center. The Scioto River winds right through downtown, and the hugs its banks, crossing the waterway via an amazing bridge to get into the Hilltop neighborhood. Once in this neighborhood, you can connect to the after a short gap. The Camp Chase Trail goes over I-775 and back into the country. Seamlessly blending together, the picks up where Camp Chase ends in Madison County. Beautiful farmland and wetlands take you into the county seat of London, where you meet the on the other side of town (there s a short gap through town). This paved, 79-mile route crosses classic Ohio farm country with quaint small towns sprinkled all the way to Xenia in Greene County. Xenia Station is the terminus of this trail and the nexus of three other major regional trails, a truly unique place to visit. Ohio to Erie Trail travelers will take the south from here. This Hall of Fame rail-trail begins the final leg of the journey, extending more than 55 miles from Xenia to just outside Cincinnati. A few short miles of on-street riding and a quick hop on a portion of the take you to the in Cincinnati, which allows you to touch the Ohio River and thus end an epic trail adventure. With such an extensive trail network, there are numerous points at which to park and access the Ohio to Erie Trail system. Please refer to the individual TrailLink pages for each trail segment or visit ohiotoerietrail. Org for more information. When complete, the Ohio River Trail in eastern Cincinnati will be an important 78-mile connector between downtown, riverfront parks, the city s. The Newport Southbank Bridge, commonly known as the Purple People Bridge due to its unique paint scheme, links the large Ohio city of Cincinnati with.

The growing Mill Creek Greenway Trail follows one of Cincinnati’s most important urban waterways and will one day stretch 69 miles through the city s. Much of the trail sits atop the levee that protects. The Armleder Park Trail loops along a wide, paved route through the open meadows of the park, located east of Cincinnati. At the southeast end, you ll. The Little Miami Scenic Trail is a jewel in the crown of Ohio rail-trails, spanning just over 78 miles from the outskirts of Cincinnati to Springfield. The Fairfax Trail is just 5. 8 mile long and parallels the north side of Murray Avenue between Settle Street in Mariemont and La Crosse Avenue in. The Sharon Woods Loop Trail encircles a picturesque lake in popular Sharon Woods in Sharonville. The county park offers a visitor center, boathouse. The Shaker Trace Trail forms a loop around Miami Whitewater Forest, the largest county-run park in Hamilton County. The fully-accessible, paved trail. The Greendale segment runs 6 mile between Walnut Street and Hollywood Boulevard at Eads Parkway, paralleling Eads Parkway/US 55 on the east side. The Great Miami River Trail is the backbone of one of the nation’s largest paved trail networks, spanning 895 miles throughout Ohio’s Miami Valley. The Williamsburg to Batavia Hike/Bike Trail connects its two namesake communities on a paved route that winds through East Fork Wildlife Area and. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (a non-profit) and we need your support! For a better browsing experience on this site we recommend that you or.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education administers the Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) program, which provides grant money to Ohio residents who demonstrate the highest levels of financial need (as determined by the results of the that should be completed) who are enrolled at Ohio public colleges or universities, Ohio private, non-profit colleges or universities, and Ohio private, for-profit institutions.

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