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Dating disaster stories

A guy I know went to a wedding and got drunk and ate the inside of the wedding cake. He was a chef so I guess he figured out a way to (with the help of someone else) tilt the cake and eat the majority of the inside so the only thing that remained was the hard fondant shell. When the bride and groom went to cut the cake there was hardly any cake inside left. — Melissa Meza-Rapp, Facebook I was the maid of honor at my sister's wedding and up at the altar when I felt my stomach gurgle. I really tried to hold it in, but I farted. It was not silent. Since I was standing near the mic, everyone got treated to the sound of my fart. The smell was so bad they had to open the windows.

21 First Date Horror Stories To Remind You That Romance Is

— Jodye Rudolph, Facebook My husband and I attended an outdoor wedding at a public park in town. When we arrived the police and coroner's van were there, surrounded by the wedding guests. Apparently a homeless man had sought shelter behind the lattice surrounding the bottom of the gazebo floor and had DIED several days before. It was June in Missouri and the stench was horrible! So.

They proceed to move the wedding to a field on the OTHER side of the park, and although everyone was shaken up they decided to proceed. The preacher was in the middle of the vows and one of the groomsmen interrupted and said, 'John, I'm sorry but you can't marry Sherilynn. I love her and she's pregnant with my baby. ' Wow. Then the groom proceeds to yell at his bride (not)-to-be that she was a cheap whore.

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Then one of the guests STANDS UP and yells at the groom, 'Serves you right, you bastard! You've been screwing my sister for a year! ' Yep. —Sarah Taylor, Facebook I went to a wedding where the bride got so hammered that she started picking up glasses on random tables, throwing up into them, and then setting them back down. — Briana Scheibel, Facebook I was at a wedding about 65 years ago and the bride did not get along with her brother and his new girlfriend.

During the reception, the girlfriend grabbed the microphone and gave a speech, then made the brother get down on one knee, and she proposed to him. People booed, then it got really quiet and the bride rushed to where the situation happened and said, 'No one gives a fuck because this is my fucking day, ' and everyone cheered. Because they were both our cousins. — Annalise Joanne Settefrati, Facebook One of the bridesmaids arrived to the church massively hungover and started puking right in front of everyone, completely trashing her dress. The whole thing triggered a domino effect on a few kids, and they began vomiting.

Eventually, the whole place started reeking of vomit and the bride's dad had to pay for cleaning the entire place. The reception was cool, though. — Alberto López, Facebook There were about 655 guests at the wedding reception and we were waiting for the bride, whom no one had actually seen since she and the groom had left the church. After about an hour, people started to leave, even though the poor groom assured them she'd be right back. It wasn't until two days later I found out the bride had asked her new husband for the car keys, saying she needed something, got in the car and took off in her bridal gown, stopped and picked up a former boyfriend, and left for Mexico, taking all of the gift money with her.

I have never felt so sorry or embarrassed for anyone as I did the groom.

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