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Don t like shrimp? I am SO excited to be partnering up with today! I’m sure you’ve all heard of, right? If not, you are missing out! And today, I ve teamed up with the Divas to bring you a special treat… Dinner and a Movie! ! Because who doesn’t love a fun date with a good movie and some delicious food? That’s right, I m going to hook you up with fabulous food ideas for your next movie night, and the for you.

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Read on, because you’ve got one spectacular (already planned) date night coming your way. Head on over to their site to get everything you need for your date. Zorro is a classic movie that I could watch over and over again! Back to dinner. Today we re making Creamy Shrimp Enchiladas to go along with our Zorro movie. When I think of a special date night, seafood is the way to go. Seafood means adults only in my eyes. All in one week. Then on our date night I ordered enchiladas just for research purposes. Needless to say, you can call me the expert on how to make creamy enchiladas. And ten pounds heavier. Oh yeah. I found out that shelling shrimp is my least favorite thing to do. Sautee the veggies and add to the shrimp until they are just barely pink. We ll be baking them more in the oven later. This mixture alone is the bomb. Make your cheese sauce and add a little to the shrimp and the rest we re going to smother the enchiladas with. I am so glad you posted this today! It s my 75th birthday and I told my stepmom I wanted shrimp enchiladas for dinner! Thanks for making my birthday dinner 😉Wow, those look so delicious even at 7 in the morning my mouth started to water when I saw them. Thanks for sharing! Love your light enchiladas not dominating the lighter flavors of the shrimp! And the idea of a movie date night is something we all aspire to but never really find the time for, maybe next month Made these for my husband and myself last night. WOW! They are delicious (and rich). A really great treat. We enjoyed them very much. Just made these tonight. We liked the filling but thought the extra sauce poured on top was a bit too heavy and rich for our tastes. I will try the filling again but for tacos instead next time! These are delicious!

I made these tonight and even my kids loved them which is unusual. The cheese is really good but I will thin it out with more chicken broth next time. It was thicker than I prefer. Overall, I give it 5 stars! 🙂Made this for dinner tonight. It was really easy and a huge hit with the family. These were delicious! I used corn tortillas and made it into a layered casserole of sorts. Will be making them again for sure! We made this recently for a dinner party with friends and they went down really well. I added cumin and cayenne to the shrimp mixture as I like things spicy and the combination of the spicy and the rich cheese sauce was very good. I did broil them for 6 minutes on low at the ends so the cheese turned a golden brown. The next time I make them, I think I ll experiment and add some artichokes or corn. My family loves it! It s a little labor intense, but totally worth it! I think it s better than the Shrimp Enchiladas I ve had in Mexican restaurants! Thanks for sharing this with us! These were so easy to make and delicious. I omitted the cilantro because my daughter doesn t like cilantro and I made them with corn tortillas They were fantastic had to share on Facebook too. Thanks for sharing. Gonna make them today do you think they will still taste good tomorrw? Have to save some for the bf 🙂Yes. You do have to be careful that they don t get too soggy but I think they should be fine. I ve been craving these funny I should find them exactly a year later on your blog! I ll definitely be trying these with a lightened up version! It makes 8 enchiladas so I guess it depends how many each person would eat I made a pan of these during nap time to be eaten for dinner tonight. I kept licking the spoon from the filling. It is amazing. I can t wait until dinner! I made these tonight, with some modifications based on ingredients I can find where I live (Africa) and a few low-fat modifications for my husband s post-surgery diet. I also put way more lime juice on the shrimp mixture because well, we LOVE lime and can only find it at certain times of the year in certain markets.

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So why not embrace it when we have it? I must say, these came out AWESOME. They were seriously restaurant quality. It took me FOREVER to peel and de-vein all of those shrimp (they don t do it for you in African markets like the US supermarkets oh how I miss a good grocery store! ), so I used the heads and shells to make shrimp stock instead of chicken stock for the sauce. I can hardly wait to eat leftovers tomorrow! WoW! You deserve a reward. Peeling shrimp and deveining is one of the most awful things in the whole world. So glad you liked them. I spent a lot of time coming up with these. Just made these tonight, they were delicious! What is a good side dish that goes with these? I m thinking about rice, but what kind? Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Looks so delicious! And about to try. However, I am Hispanic and there s hundred types of green salsa and chili powder in my bookLooks so delicious! However, I am Hispanic and there s hundred types of green salsa and chili powder in my bookSorry. Posting from my phone. My question is what kind if salsa and chili powder did you happen to use. Thank youJust made these. My husband LOVED them! I used low carb tortillas. I only used half of the sauce over the enchiladas. I also used more than half of one onion and red pepper. I might add spinach and mushrooms next time. This was such an amazing find! My husband and I were practically licking our plates! They make me excited to come home and make dinner!

These sound delish! Do you think it would work if I sub veggie broth for the chicken? I ve been craving these for a month, and I finally made them! Added green chiles and a little bit of green enchilada sauce instead of the salsa. . They look and taste amazing! I made these for my husbands birthday party. We had some leftovers and they were just as good the next day. Thank you! If I were to use frozen shrimp, would I need to go about anything different? I made these for dinner last night. They were delicious. I substituted a can of Rotel original (drained) in place of the salsa verde, and a combo of coconut milk and greek yogurt for the sour cream. Hi. Question: have u ever made then frozen these for later use and do they turn out well? Wondering if I should make more layered casserole type than rolled if I plan to freeze? Suggestions, ideas, for large group next weekend. Am cooking for 77, trying to do as much as possible in advance. Thanks. I love your stuff. LynShoot. I ve never tried freezing these so I m not sure how they would turn out. You could definitely layer these instead. I freeze my seafoof enchiladas all the time, I freeze sauce separately, then reheat in crockpot on low or in microwave on power, cover enchiladas with foil reheat in low oven til thawed take foil off let tortillas start to get alittle hard pour sauce on turn up heat and bake as usual, won t be soggy or curdleWow! I m going to try my hand at it this weekend for a Mexican themed date night with my hubby! I have NEVER cooked shrimp before though (other than frozen popcorn shrimp from a box if that even counts! Haha) So I am wondering what kind of shrimp do you buy? Is it fresh from the meat section, frozen then thawed or what? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

I have a bunch of those little salad pink shrimp in my freezer I would like to make with this but they are pre cooked. Will it taste okay if I don t sauté them with the onion and garlic? These look amazing I m going to make them with corn tortillas(I think they have so much more flavor) and serve alongside calabazitas, a Mexican side dish that consists of sauteed zucchini, corn, tomato, onion, and jalapeño with a dollop of sour cream on top. I tried this tonight. Was home alone snd its so good I want to invite wveryone over. I tweaked it to my liking but great dish to make! I apso added diced chicken. If I made each thing that looks good I d weigh about 555 pounds. These days I am an empty nester so I cook much less than I used to. I guess I will have to pick and choose. My husband does like cheese sauce on some things so I am hoping I can get the sauce on the enchiladas by him. He has a keen sense of taste so he might detect the sour cream. That would not be good. I been looking for something about the same as what Chi-Chi s used to serve (Cancun) and haven t been able to find this sauce looks similar. I made this tonight my whole family loved it. Changed a lil too make enough for 6. Doubled sauce ingred. Added 6sm. Can rotel in place of salsa verde b/c it was handy! Still was delicious! Thanks so much. These were delish! I have the good fortune to live in S. E. Alaska where we can harvest our own shrimp (two types), crab, salmon and halibut. I followed the advice of another poster and added 6/7 tsp. Also browned the casserole under the broiler per another poster. Husband loved them and they will be made again. Ok, these look FABULOUS, and my soon-to-be-son-in-law loves shrimp! (And yes, he IS going to love me more than his own mother. ) Since you hate the shrimp peeling process, I was just wondering if you ve tried a shrimp peeling/deveining device.

They re sold in the gadget department of most grocery stores at least here in the South. And at Bed, Bath, and Beyond They re usually red plastic, but sometimes you can find a smaller metal one. You simply grab the shrimp in one hand, place the point of the instrument in the vein that runs under the top of the shell, and proceed to push the instrument under the shell to the tail. It will lift the shell from the shrimp along with the vein.

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