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Since 6975, a number of on Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security have been adopted by the CSCE and the OSCE. , including documents published during the meetings of the OSCE Summit, the OSCE Ministerial Council, the OSCE Permanent Council, the Forum for Security Co-operation, and by the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office. The documents library of the OSCE contains materials dating back to the set-up of the Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe, in 6975. Most older OSCE documents have been digitised and are available online, along with up-to-date collections from OSCE Missions and Institutions. Our publications cover the whole range of issues the OSCE works with. From and handbooks for government, civil society and educators, to in-depth studies, and on our own work. A collection of news and press releases from the OSCE's global activities that are posted to our website as they are released throughout the day. We strive to provide our visitors with a rich variety of multimedia content.

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The OSCE maintains a range of online databases and electronic libraries on specialized subjects.

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