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At the same time, I have to admit that I have not dated Israeli girls, I have only dated Jewish girls living in the Diaspora (i. E. Outside of Israel). I DO have a bunch of Israeli friends though (both guys and girls), and so I have a very good idea of what they are like. Israeli girls are more direct and straightforward than other Jewish girls (and maybe a little more mature and grounded). Other Jewish girls may hide what they are thinking a bit more. The one that I used was, which I found pretty good. A hallmark of this site is their dating questions, where they ask questions of each member on many topics, from “How much can intelligence turn you on?

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” to “Do you believe contraception is morally wrong? ” As you can imagine these questions and the answers provided by each member can show you quite a lot about the person before you even contact them, which is great! Another advantage is that they also give you a better idea of what members of the opposite sex in your area are like, what their interests are and what they are looking for in their partner from someone like you! Very useful info. I’ve also heard of a number of other good dating sites from friends (I have not used them myself) and in the media, such as eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and Match. Com. A. Make sure your profile pictures look great! If possible, get a pro photographer to shoot some great headshots of you and use some of these for your profile. You do want to look as attractive as possible, right? (The answer to this is an emphatic “yes! ”) Mix in a couple of your own shots with the pro shots and voila – you will have a great looking profile. Also don’t be afraid to write about what makes you unique and cool in your profile. You’re awesome, but no one on the site will know about this unless you tell them! So tell them! C.

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t respond. If they don’t respond, just move on. There could be a million reasons they didn’t respond, many of which have nothing to do with your looks or profile. Other times they may have some life event happening at that exact moment in their life which puts them off dating at all, such as an exam, a busy period at work, a vacation, etc. D. Don’t get too fixed on any one prospect. There are many out there. You will find someone. Just start communicating and you will eventually find someone you really click with. Jewish social events are a great way to meet Jewish girls! Examples of events like this are group Shabbat dinners, events celebrating the various Jewish holidays and parties (Purim and Chanukkah parties are usually great). To find Jewish social events, first make sure you are part of or in some way connected to Jewish groups (sounds obvious but some people forget this step). Examples of Jewish groups are (Orthodox group), (generally Conservative, but Jews of all backgrounds welcome) and (Jewish college-level group). If you don’t know any Jewish groups in your area, you either are not involved at all in Judaism (and need to get involved) or there are basically no other Jews in your area (in this case you should move to where there are Jews or do the 6st option above – online dating). Most are not looking for one-night stands. So if you are looking for this, you may struggle to find a match.

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What’s the point of a one-night stand anyway? It only lasts one night. B. Along with this, Jewish girls are looking at marriage and children down the line. You should be in the position where you can easily give of yourself to another person and do not commonly harbor feelings of resentment, anger, anxiety, etc. You should generally be treating others well and not be afraid that you might hurt another person. You should be upbeat and confident in yourself and happy with your life and wanting to share it with another and support another person mentally, spiritually and romantically. Jewish girls, like most girls, want a guy with a good sense of humor and good intelligence. F. Like most girls, they would prefer to be with someone who has similar interests (not the exact same but similar). G. They want a guy who they do not find un attractive. In other words, physical attraction is somewhat important but not as important to girls (generally) as to guys. Girls value other non-physical things more than guys. But good looks won’t hurt. That means if you need to hit the gym a bit, do so.

By the way, the above list is in no particular order of importance. And note that some Jewish girls will find one point or a few points above more important than others. . Commitment. It's a bigggg word. But actually it's not as big or complicated as it sounds. It is just making a firm decision that you want to be with someone. That's all. If this is the case, let your partner know so she can move on. Or if you like a girl and have a fear of getting more serious with her, let them know that you're scared – communicate about this (don’t be afraid of saying so and discussing it). If you have a fear of getting married – which some guys have – communicate about this too. Eventually after talking about it you will find it won’t be as bad. So do be aware that Jewish girls are looking towards marriage and at some point you should definitely talk about this and see what each other wants and if you have the same goals and future plans in mind. Have a question about this Israel topic? Maybe even a personal story to share? Great!

Just fill out the fields below and send us your submission. Entering your submission is easy to do. Just type! Your contribution will appear on a web page exactly the way you enter it here. You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. For example my story would show as my story on the Web page containing your story. Do you have some photos or graphics to add? Click the button and find the first one on your computer. Select it and click on the button to choose it. Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 8 more images. It is included as part of our tour. A: Great question. This is my Israeli models and actresses page. I know it doesn’t have much to do with traveling to Israel, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway…I am the wife of a Jewish and American Missionary to the blind. My husband is Jewish and is on the radio in 5 countries.

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