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Two hot college girls are invited to a retreat in the mountains where they will learn that what makes them happy is pleasing men. Pete, a professional hypnotist, wanders the British Grad Prix in search of women in tight clothing. His encounter with a stunning West girl leaves feeling dazed and, strangely enough, not willing to try and hypnotise her, at least, not straight off. After a high profile court case, deliberations in Metroburgh city hall, and general bad press, Admiral Anticrime begins to question whether his intuition can still be trusted. Can he get it together before a supervillain takes over the entire city? A woman goes on a date with a person she had been roll-playing with online. A stage magician uses his Facebook connections to ruin an enemy’s life. Gold digger Cherry Leong has everything she could ever want, except freedom from her husband.

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So she seeks revenge at first opportunity without realizing what goes around comes around. The existance of a sex slave training facility has been made known to the public. The facility’s slaves and their owners must now deal with the consequences, and the threat of government intervention. What’s more important that your health? Jeffrey must decide whether to give up his powers, or keep them and risk his health, indeed, his very life. Marie repeatedly loses track of her surroundings as she is drugged and brainwashed. A college student takes place in an experiment that changes his brain. He uses his newfound abilities to change his life. . One beauty at a time. A scientist attempts to perfect his formula by testing it on unwitting subjects. A refined abduction and delicate seduction as the fair tea maker’s mind is confused by a potent drugA supervillain attempts to sell the heroines he has captured and enslaved. An author of mind-control stories gets revenge on those who stole his stories off the Internet. Michael cheats on his wife by visiting a prostitue in the afternoon. But Laurel, the prostitute, has plans for him—and his wife. The superheroine Fairmaiden, who is always putting criminals behind bars, ends up as an obedient slave to one of her enemies, a crime boss. Cathy, the Preacher’s beautiful daughter is gradually transformed into the antithesis of her father’s ideal at the hands of his enemies who plan to destroy him. Victoria, an oil company executive, meets with some environmental protesters. A devout male Christian university student who becomes the mind control slave of a pagan Gothic girl. Kathy, a research scientist, is alarmed when the experimental pantyhose she was experimenting on is brought to market prematurely.

A super-villain turns his greatest adversary into his plaything and tool. Some anti-American leftwing university students in Britain fall under the mind control power over an American student who seeks revenge and also seeks to humiliate them in the process too. Justin buys and uses a “fallacy potion” because he wants Jennifer to see the light. The preacher’s daughter starts having strange dreams after she meets Jolene. Linnea tries to help a stranger in need. Will it be the best, or the worst, thing that’s ever happened to her? Amanda lives an easy life. She’s sexy, snuggly, and beloved. Her hypnotic breasts ensure she always gets what she wants, and even her detractors fall in love surprisingly often. Amy sits at the top of the social ladder, using the hypnotic ability of her enormous breasts to take whatever she wants from her fellow students. When Cathy learns of her classmates power she quickly decides to get revenge upon the popular cheerleader. Rachel notices that her family is reciting mantras and fucking each other. Perhaps she would understand if she remembered her encounter with an alien a couple of days ago. Two sisters start behaving strangely when one of them puts on their grandmother’s ring. After a visit from a man with the power to change minds, a family find themselves clowning around with each other in a variety of inappropriate ways. Two girls decide that their mother needs to make some changes to her lifestyle to fix her failing marriage. They obtain a potion created from the essence of lust and then set their plan in motion. A woman wakes up the morning after going to a hypnotist show and still thinks she’s a chicken. Ally is seduced by her sister’s new boyfriend, but is there an ulterior motive to his actions? After enslaving his wife, a man sets his sites on her sister, and the rest of her family.

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A new theme park has opened its doors and promises to bring families “much closer together”. Come and enjoy as some of the park customers share their stories. Dave wants to play the ultimate adult party game, but he finds he cannot choose the players, and he can’t make it stop. A select few have learned the secret of taking power from the helplessness of others. But, when the needs of your fellow predators provide the richest and sweetest feasts, what depths will one witch sink to in order to feed upon her sister? The author Wiseguy has an encounter with a woman who admires his writing. Tracy finds she is reading an author’s submission to EMCSA in a whole new light. Peter and Liz order costumes from a web site that reflect their innermost fantasies. An Amazon princess discovers a valley inhabited entirely by beautiful women. But who is controlling things from behind the scenes? As soon as he picks up the phone, he hears his trigger phrase and falls into a trance. A woman hypnotizes her husband to fulfill a fantasy. Is really her own fantasy? A somewhat pervy graduate student gets his hands on a lamp made for friend of the Lampmaker’s by accident. While not as clever as the Lampmaker in terms of wishes, his wishes make for some very interesting situations. Dr. Vargas uses unusual means to help a man with a common problem: his sexy wife does not want to get pregnant again. A group of people who work for a production company want to get even with an FCC staffer, and in the process gain ultimate power. While traveling in a taxi, Heather listens to pre-recorded messages that help make her ride more pleasant.

Lissa and Jill discover that the crystal hanging in their window has some unusual properties. When a desire to change a system outgrows complacency for the system itself, great changes come about. Hildegarde Canto has accidentally found a way to defy a system she doesn’t know she is part of. Uniforms, of a kind few, if anyone has ever seen or experienced, have become available not only to her, but to her friends and family. And, as the days pass, and her obsession, and the obsessions of those she tells about the uniform grows, one has to wonder exactly why things are changing, why behaviours shift, why, all of a sudden, everyone wants to be perfect. To obey the rules. To belong. Kelly just moved to L. A. Looking to get some business experience before starting University. Her employer wants her to be a little more fun and fashionable. Roger works his seductive magic on a young woman, but doesn’t count on the consequences. A demigod can control others, but doesn’t believe that she can get ensnared herself. Inana has nearly resigned herself to her fate, as she waits to be sold in a slave market on a strange planet. Then she bumps into someone, and hopes her luck is about to change. Jebin discovers Inana’s secret, and he sees her as a way of getting off the planet he’s stuck on. Tool is Mistress’ most deeply conditioned slave, but Her latest command may be more than even tool’s obedience can sustain. A lady with the power to generate fear meets a person with an unusual reaction to her power. Heather reports to her hypnotherpist the progress she is making conquering her phobias. Brenda comes to visit her aunt on a when night strange changes are coming to the rural valley where she lives.

When Joanie agrees to take a caretaker job, she takes on a little more than she could have imagined. The moment you look at a fellow traveller, you have a compulsion to perform oral sex on him. A well known actress has a dark secret—she likes turning young women into her animal hybrid pets. When it’s Lana’s and Olivia’s turn, they are turned into a cowgirl and a catgirl. The catgirl’s transformation just needs some extra steps. Manfred and Ronda take a holiday to the Femdom Hotel, a place where their fantasies will become reality. A man is abducted by a group of women bikers and indoctrinated into their clu b. After finding an odd book, Jamie and her friends stage a bra-burning rally and learn to embrace a new philosophy. Carl’s car breaks down in the rain, and he ends up at the home of the succubus Lilith. Josh takes a clerical job at a company where all the high-ranking executives are women. Professor Fermi unwittingly unleashes a new pathogen on the world, turning its hosts into sex fiends. A drifter wanders into a small town with a dark secret. Can he fight through the perversions that ensnare all other travelers and rescue this town from the hidden influence controlling it? Scott and Shelly can’t seem to get pregnant, but Doctor Amanda Poe has an experimental drug that just might help. Meagan gets the night of her life when a mysterious figure comes down the chimney on Christmas eve. Agents infiltrate an organization to investigate allegations of mind control, and come away with more than they bargained for. Andrew recalls the importance and consequences of his boot fetish in the outcome of his life. Fetish Man’s purpose in life is to bring out the hidden fetishes in men. Charlie’s anniversary present turns his wife into a submissive, horny catgirl. Two college-bound boys are engaged in an angry feud over a girl, but find when they are forced into a confrontation, their real attraction is for each other.

Alice is getting lovesick for Claudia. Or maybe she’s just getting sick, period?

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