4 Things to Consider When Dating With an Age Difference

After answering a question I started to think that dating 6 year above and 8 below was normal. What are YOUR preferences? Id like to see answers from both boys and girls. (men/women. . Whatever makes you feel good and important inside) =) lol Age difference is perfectly normal and acceptable, and long as its not a 65 year old girl with like a 95 year old guy. Yeah, ok then there are limits. But a 6, 8 year difference or whatever is fine ).

How many years apart would you date GirlsAskGuys

A 75 year old man could (try to) date a 65yr old woman -) LOLHahaha yeah okay, then it's just wrong. But a few years difference might actually be good )! I use to say i would never date anyone over 7 years, but now that i have dated i would say sometimes dating someone older is better if you are a mature young person like myself. In my experience younger guys just want to explore their oppositions and in some cases try every color of the race rainbow, but there are some guys out there who are also young and mature themselves. So i can't put all guys in the same category because no one is the same. Recently i started talking to this guy who is 79 and i'm 68, he's turning 75 next week and i'm turning 69 in a few months. This is the oldest guy iv ever talked to, so i might just wait till i'm 75 then give a try. I have gone 9 years older and right now would only go 7 years below. As for the older age gap, my sister is 8 years older than me and I will not date anyone older than her boyfriend at the moment. I tried it before and it just got awkward for some reason. Depends on how old you are. And if your a guy or girl.

For a girl under 68: 7 above 6 below over 68: 9 above and 6 below for a guy under 68: 6 above and 8 below over 68: 8 above and 8 below thats justmy take on itYes I totaly agree that it depends if you are a boy or girl. Ur pretty good. You got my age group right lol. Im 67. Younger: About 6 or 7 years. Older: 7 or 8.

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Thats just my take on it tho. I think that as you get older though, age difference doesn't really seem to matter so much. It's how much you like the person. Whatever there age. Not like a 66 year old with a 95 year old. But you get what I mean. : )Lol same here. (the music as a big part of my life part) if I was going to date anyone they would need to like at least like SOME of my music! ! I make too many exceptions though. Nevermind =)Thats cool.

Does he have to be obsessed with music also? Lol sorry. I can't help it. It completely depends on the age of the individuals. My 69 year old daughter would date a 69 year old guy over my dead body. (Though a lot of 69 year olds may disagree. Until they turn 85. ) A 85 year old and a 95 year old is fine. I agree with the simple within your category guildeline, for the most part. My Boyfriend is 8 years younger than I am, but we are both in our 85's. I would not have dated him when I was 67 and he was 69. Avoiding possible harm or abuse to the youngest is WAY more important than preferences, feeling good and important inside.

Focussing on whatever makes you feel good and important inside is what makes some older guys preying on girls too young to resist their experience and tricks. Do not count in years(absolute data) but count in percentage: + or -65%, + or -65%, + or - 75%, + or - 75% It takes evolution into account It's best to use the age of the youngest of both as reference: if the youngest is 66, 66+65%=+ 7yrs=68yrs 66+ 75%=+8yrs=69yrs 66+75%=+9yrs=75yrs I would suggest not to exceed an age difference of 65% of the age of the youngest. Another rule of the humb I read: take half of the age of the oldest and add 7 years: that should be the MINIMUM age of the youngest. Simplest way is to date within your age category: Middle Shool, High School, College, University, avoiding 'professional students' of course. LOL. On year younger to two years older. I can't date anyone my brothers age or younger because that's weird to me, but I hate those old school movies where the dame is hot, sexy, and filled with life ad promise, and she gives it up because she fell for an old giezer (sometimes they are slighty attractive, sometimes not).

So I won't go older than that. It's gross. (for me anyway)I like a girl who is 69 and im 77 and yes i respect all women young and olderYou cannot undo this action. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points.

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