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The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear is a collection of handmade in Italy sunglasses and glasses, selected by Fabio Attanasio, founder of The Bespoke Dudes blog, and created by the skilled hands of Italian artisans. «I am thoroughly impressed by the product and its quality of tbd eyewear. It is not often that I come across a product with such an impeccable finish. I have been a loyal customer of Oliver Peoples for the past eight years but having bought this pair, I don’t see myself going back to them. »The first collection represents our personal idea of elegance: a simple and clean design of men s sunglasses and glasses. The name comes from the space between the collar and the lapel of the jacket. These unisex glasses are completely hand-made in Italy and available in two versions:

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eyewear and sunglasses. The range of colours goes from honey to transparent and from tortoise to military. Pleat is a praise of tradition, an ode to the charm of vintage goods, a tribute to a typical Italian design combined with functionality. This new collection is made of brushed acetate, with a rounded shape, slightly bigger than our iconic Cran collection.

Thanks to their textured finish these stylish sunglasses look like they are made of wood, while in actual fact they are wholly crafted from Italian acetate the frames call to mind the actual canvas used by the tailors to make a jacket. The name of this model comes from the shape of their tops, which resemble the point of a jacket lapel. This collection introduces new colours like forest green and amber tortoise. Inspired by the precious fabric of the same name, used by the ancient Inca tribes to make the clothes for the kings, the VICUÑA collection is crafted from noble materials, such as rhodium and 79 karat gold.

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These glasses are extremely lightweight and they match perfectly with tailored suits and more formal looks. These numbers provide an out of the ordinary plating, 85 times higher than other ordinary frames available on the market. Flat Zeiss lenses, high quality leather case along with temple ends in pure briar-colored acetate and the laser-decorated frames complete this masterful collection which is, as always, handcrafted in Italy. This collection takes its name from one of the most fascinating coats of the classic male wardrobe.

The protagonist here is the rhodium, a precious and very durable material, obtained with 8 microns of Palladium. The round shape of the frame and the flat Zeiss lenses ensure high quality standards. The extremely lightweight frame is devoid of decoration and ends with a simple and subtle temple. In this way the Ulster models create an even more retro look.

Lastly, the sunglasses case is in high quality leather and completely handcrafted in Italy. R. L. S.

Via Fratelli Ruffini, 65 75678 Milano (ITA) P. I. 59557555967

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