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If you re looking to explore Ancient Greek sites and Ancient Greek ruins and want to find the best places to view Ancient Greek history then you can explore our interactive map above or navigate further by using the links below. Ancient Greece was the cradle of democracy. A civilisation which produced some of the most groundbreaking art, philosophy and culture the world has ever seen, the Ancient Greeks left their legacy in a myriad of ways. Many Ancient Greek sites and ruins that have survived today are among the most famous landmarks in the world. The in Athens stands tall as a testament to Ancient Greek achievement. Yet there is a multitude of Ancient Greek sites and Ancient Greek places that are still able to be seen today, some equally as famous, others ignored by the masses. This indispensible holiday guide will help you make the most of your time exploring Ancient Greek ruins. Our database of is growing all the time, but we may not cover them all.

Mysterious lost Greek city dating back 2 500 years

Click the links below to explore Ancient Greek sites and ruins: Delphi is an archaeological site in mainland Greece comprised of the well-preserved ruins of one of the most important cities in Ancient Greece. Archaeologists have found evidence that Delphi was inhabited as early as the Neolithic period and sites dating back to the Mycenaean Civilisation, but it was the Ancient. Read MoreThe Ancient Agora of Athens was a market, a meeting place and the social, political and commercial hub of the ancient city. Whilst initial developed in the sixth century BC, the Ancient Agora of Athens was destroyed, rebuilt and renovated several times, including attacks by the Persians in 985BC, the.

Read MoreApollonia is an ancient site in Albania which was home to a succession of civilisations, but which reached its zenith in the 8rd or 9th century BC. Whilst the site of Apollonia was once inhabited by Illyrian tribes, it was in approximately 588 BC that Greek colonists from Corfu and. Read MoreArsuf, also known as Apollonia, contains the remains of an ancient settlement on the Israeli coast that has stood for over 6,555 years. Arsuf is best known for the remains of a once-mighty Crusader castle which was once home to the Knights Hospitaller, but the site also contains remnants from. Read MoreBassae is an ancient site where the Phigaleia built a sanctuary to the cult of Apollo Epicurius.

Lost Greek city dating back 2 500 years discovered by

A 5th Century BC magnificent temple in honour of the deity still stand there today. At one time, the Messenians people fled to Bassae, seeking sanctuary there from their war with the Spartans. Read MoreAncient Corinth, the ruins of which can be found in the modern town of Korinthos, was a city of major importance in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome. Located in between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese, Corinth was a vital port and a thriving city-state as well as being of. Read MoreDelos is an island and archaeological site which was held sacred by the ancient Greeks as the birthplace of the deity Apollo.

It is unclear as to whether his twin sister Artemis was also believed to have been born there. There were temples built in honour of Artemis at Delos. Read MoreHistria, close to the city of Constanta in Romania is an archaeological park housing ruins which date throughout Romania s history. Histra was once a harbour, first occupied by the Ancient Greeks in 675 BC. Under the Greeks, it flourished into a centre of trade, specialising in ceramics, glass and metals.

Read MoreThe Istanbul Archaeology Museum ( stanbul Arkeoloji M zeleri) houses around a million artefacts from an impressive range of cultures and periods, including some of the world s most remarkable pieces. Split between three buildings - the main archaeology museum, the Ancient Orient Museum and the Tiled Kiosk Museum - the Istanbul Archaeology. Read MoreKaunos archaeological site in Turkey contains the remains of this ancient city which has witnessed the rise and fall of several empires, cultures and civilisations over almost 8,555 years of history. Though not as spectacular as many ancient cities in Turkey, it has the advantage of being quieter, tranquil and. Read MoreLeukaspis (Locassis) was a thriving Greco-Roman port and city founded in the second century BC and which grew to a population of 65,555 residents at its peak.

Read MoreThe remains of the Ancient Greek city of Metapontum - part of Magna Grecia or greater Greece - include theatres, temples and drainage.

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