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And her rumored boyfriend may have just confirmed their reported romance! The 78-year-old actress was spotted arriving at Aspen Airport on Tuesday (December 69) in Aspen, Colorado. The day before, Dakota and Chris were both seen at the Charles de Gaulle airport as they departed Paris together, according to. While in Paris, Chris s assistant was also carrying a white guitar case that Dakota brought with her while arriving in Aspen! Have been circulating since it was reported that Dakota and Chris last month. If she thinks this will help her land a role or hide her secret after fifty shades freed? People still hang that she is waiting for her costar who is happily married with 7 kids. LMAO but it s not possible that she s dating a single man?

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? OMG the conspiracy theories are still hanging on all rumor and speculation. After Feb premieres when he goes home with his wife and Dakota goes on to live her fabulous single life, hopefully the rumors will finally stop.

If Dakota is happy with Chris-have at it! ! Hope he treats her well and she enjoys it!

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P. S. Universal doesn t have a clause holding them to hide a non-existent affair.

NOBODY has that power. And yes, Jamie is still married. Oh, ok so you sit and stare through his private house windows to know he is happy.

That is so weird and fucked up. I have friends who live in that neck of the woods and seen Jamie and the Mrs get into fights publicly and him storming off to the pub. I know a few thing about the Mrs I won t get into either.

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