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Looking to invest in a sailboat? It’s the most fun you can ever imagine. To discourage joyriding, most sailboat brokerages require a signed contract for a test drive. Well, it’s a joy to test our 87-foot Hunter sloop, with all the amenities. Go through a checklist of what to look for when buying. Take a quick course in engine preventative maintenance, complete with checklist. A most unusual party of women went sailing on a bright and breezy day on   Getting married in a unique setting is like nothing else in the world. Forever Two wonderful ladies with exciting jobs went sailing on a serene afternoon along the York Women played divergent roles in the American Revolution.

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The new Museum of the American Revolutionary Stephanie King stopped off in Williamsburg from North Carolina on her way to Alexandria to Some men have their heart set on buying a sailboat as a life-long dream. No   As a professional mariner, I regret to report I don’t know about fish. Growing    A couple and a family got a unique vacation adventure while listening to a Kristen Yodis of Smithfield took her dad Ed sailing along the York River on his A junior sailor from suburban Buffalo got a chance to run a giant spinnaker Two couples who never met before had the extraordinary career of part-time ministries in common. In the annals of “Sailing Fails” there lies the successful outcome of a bad situation. On a serene afternoon, we sailed the York for an hour before the wind shifted Sailing gets in your blood, as discovered with two of four couples sailing the York A lovely couple from Hampton Roads moved to Maryland and like to return to Williamsburg on vacation.

Douglas Cummings gave an excellent prelude as part Every year Busch Gardens in Williamsburg ramps up in the fall for a massive theme Outside Deltaville, a churning Chesapeake Bay was smashing waves up to three feet against What started out as one couple going out for a cruise on the York River Of all the military veterans I’ve taken sailing, none had a more peculiar stint than The future of the world and the future of sailing are in good hands with Ed Jones Jr. of Williamsburg took his family to Water Country as the summer heat It’s a rare day that we can fly the big blue and red spinnaker As we cruised past an osprey nest with the parents still there after their fledgling Jody Longstreet and Ed Hollin rode his Harley from central  Indiana to Williamsburg for their You meet some fascinating people sailing. Rob Spain took Sara Elizabeth Timmins out on the On a hot and sultry afternoon, we went sailing to England with a delightful family. The Couvion family of suburban St. Louis crossed at least two rivers to go sailing Traffic picked up on the York River once the winds came up for the first Light and variable winds reduced the speed, so we experienced a serenity sail on the Here’s a cruise that came close to six degrees of separation.

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It’s usually The Fourth of July fizzled in the morning with a steady rain that eventually canceled The Sefcik family of Ringoes, New Jersey, went sailing near Williamsburg while in town showing Question: Why are some people more compassionate than others? Answer: They serve their community nobly. Question:

What is it with the birds of Virginia? Answer: They sometimes fly right at   Question: What’s the best thing to see on the water? Answer:

Dolphins! Nick Haller Question: How do you sail on rising winds? Answer: Keep spilling wind from the sails.

Wanda Question: What do you do in light breezes?

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