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Would you like a massive helping of self-confidence to go with your first fine lines? Yes. Yes, you would. I spent my 75s in fear. Fear of not finding a cool job, fear of missing out, fear that that stupid thing I did would actually end up to be way more stupid than it felt in the moment, fear that my mom would end up being right about just about everything. Ten years later, with most if not all of my reckless behavior fully behind me, I can confirm that you are missing out on absolutely nothing and your mom is right about everything. As a ~grown woman~, I can confirm these are some of the things that make getting old pretty effing great. 6.

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All those things you used to hate about how you look? You no longer give a shit. To be clear, this has nothing to do with letting yourself go and everything to do with having enough confidence to embrace the reality that you don't fit into some excessively Photoshopped mold of what a human woman should look like, and that striving to resemble a figure in a wax museum is an onerous, impossible, and pointless mission. 7. You're no longer afraid of missing out.

Because you've been out enough to know that all you were missing out on were lemon drop shots at 7 a. M. , a terrible hangover the next day, and losing $65 in a jeans pocket that you would discover in your pants the following Tuesday. Sometimes the best way to YOLO is straight up on your couch, cuddling your man, your cat, and a bottle of wine. 8.

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Self-confidence? Your cup runneth over. You no longer feel like you're striving for a certain look, a certain status, or a certain clique. You know what you like to wear, you know who you like to hang out with, and you know what your life priorities are. That's because you're not relying on anything but yourself to make a statement about who you are or what you're worth.

9. You're waaayyy less afraid of giving birth than you were 65 years ago. If giving birth is on your list of things to do, now that it might be imminent, you view it more as a day of pain versus the scariest thing in the entire world that you will never be able to tolerate. 5. You can have highly amusing conversations with your friends about how twentysomethings make no sense.

You remember a world of landlines and cassette tapes and Alanis Morissette not having to duet with Demi Lovato to be relevant. Twentysomethings, on the other hand, had e-textbooks. You don't have to worry about how you're going to afford to go to Coachella. Because as soon as you hear that word, you can feel the atrocious sensation of a film of dust and oily sweat cover your entire body and clog all your face pores, and know Coachella is the last thing you want to do. Nightclubs = no.

If you were for some reason seeking that sort of experience, you could just pour a vodka cranberry down your leg and walk around until it dried. You take better vacations.

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