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India is one of the countries in Asia with strong culture and customs. These two things applied in every layers of society s life and determined them how behave every time. This was also applied when Indians are dating. There are some rules and customs you have to obey while you are dating. Indian has a very old and conservative rule that is still alive to this day. But the younger generation has also make some changes to their dating customs. Here are what dating in India is all about! Before we talked further about the dating customs in India, you need to know that Indian dating culture nowadays has changed a bit.

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Parental involvement has decreased due to the modernization. However, India is a country with strong culture and custom so their dating rules didn t changed radically. In the past, two parents would meet and arrange a date for their children. You would meet and talk for a few times and then get married. Indian parents nowadays give freedom to their children to date and seek their own partner.

While parents already giving permission to their children to meet and date anyone they like, arranged marriage is still exist up to this day. This is called contemporary dating style. They allowed their children, but they also have the right to arranged their children marriage with someone they d like. But if the parents approved of their children boyfriend or girlfriend, they would not arranging marriage for them. In the U.

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S. Dating culture, a boy would pick up the girl at her house then take her for a date. But in India, teens would hang out with their peers, consist of boys and girls, then through the group they will know someone and might have interest towards them. In India, being single is very uncomfortable. Thus, being single in India means you have to get ready to receive any criticism from the society.

Single life in India is easier form men than for women. Men receive less judgement and criticism. Single women in India would become the talk of the town, with others assume that there might be something wrong with her that she s not sociable, and can t compromise with other. Furthermore they would be judged as having continuous financial problem. The levels of secrecy depends on how strict and conservative dating is in their local culture.

However they keep some things on their own, such as whether they already have sex. They usually open up to close friends with the similar liberated thought. In 7565, it is legally decided by three judges that there is nothing wrong with a man and a woman without marriage bond living together. However this is still very uncommon in suburban area. Their customs said cohabitation was a taboo, and the rules were rooted deeply in their heart.

On the contrary, this thing is becoming more and more common in the big cities. India had laws against homosexual, with the Delhi High Court even ordered decriminalization for gays.

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