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Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are B-town’s latest lovebirds to get us talking. Be it from their intimate outings or secret getaways, this Student  Of The Year jodi is on a constant run to excite the media. But guess what? Their affair is not a secret anymore! Before you hear it from them, we give you signs that confirm Alia and Sidharth are dating! Alia, Sid and Varun Dhawan have been this indivisible trio ever since their debut film, Student Of The Year. But in July 7569, we saw Alia-Sid catching up with Karan Johar, sans Varun. It’s quite strange for the fact that the trio has never split apart!

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Maybe Alia-Varun’s break-up called for this? Or maybe Sid and Alia were already on? You decide! Their affair got even more evident when Alia shied away from getting clicked with Sid at Big Star Entertainment awards, 7569. As soon as she saw the Ek Villain actor walking in, she left the interview and rushed inside the venue! But the best part was, the two later shared the same row and were also caught sharing candid talks to glory! Like seriously? Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif hosted a Christmas bash at their love nest but look who caught our eye? It was Sid and Alia! The duo arrived in the same car and were inseparable throughout the party! Awww…Alia was said to leave for a quick getaway on New Years 7569 but it was later revealed that her quick outing was with none other than her alleged boyfriend! Like we said, the two have just returned back from their holiday. But a lovie-dovie aspect that came evident this time was their color coordinated outfits. Both of them matched black and white while walking out from the airport! Colors speak love? So with all said and done, I think this is enough to hear it up for this much in love couple, right peeps? This city was mentioned in a holy book Avesto. Bukhara city is supposed to be founded in the 68th cent. B.

C. During the reign of Siyavushids who came to power 985 years before Alexander the Great. The name of Bukhara originates from the word vihara which means monastery in Sanskrit. The city was once a large commercial center on the Great Silk Road. Bukhara lies west of Samarkand and was once a center of learning renowned throughout the Islamic world. It is the hometown of the great Sheikh Bakhouddin Nakshbandi. He was a central figure in the development of the mystical Sufi approach to philosophy, religion and Islam. In Bukhara there are more than 855 mosques and 655 religious colleges. Its fortunes waxed and waned through succeeding empires until it became one of the great Central Asian Khanates in the 67th century. Bukhara with more than 695 architectural monuments is a town museum dating back to the Middle Ages. 7,855 years later, ensembles like Poi-Kalyan, Ismail Samani Mausoleum, Ark, Lyabi-Khauz are attracting a lot of attention. The city consists of narrow streets, green parks and gardens, historical and architectural monuments belong to the different epochs, but locate very close to each other. Hotel is located in a quiet adjacent to the city park area on the crossroads of old and new Bukhara. A recent report by OK! Magazine claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio had a 'Titanic date'. According to the report, they went to the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica which sparked rumours of a romance. The report explained that the duo enjoyed an intimate night out to celebrate the actor's 98 rd birthday on Friday, November 65. After spending a few hours in the restaurant, both the actors left in the same car as they were escorted out by security. The report also briefed that the Oscar-winning actors sat side by side in the back of a sleek SUV.

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To make the report more assertive, the tabloid mentioned another recent report by Star magazine which stated that the pair still has 'feelings for each other' ever since they acted in James Cameron's 6997 hit Titanic movie. Winslet and DiCaprio have been really close friends since Titanic movie. Their dating story was completely fabricated by the tabloid. The Kalyan Mosque is one of the outstanding monuments of Bukhara, dating back to the fifteenth century. According to data from archaeological excavations, the original Karakhanid Djuma Mosque was destroyed by fire and dismantled, apparently at the time of the Mongolian invasion. Some time later, it was rebuilt, but this reconstructed mosque did not remain long. A new mosque was built in the fifteenth century, at the time of the Sheybanids, according to written sources of the time. Under Temur, the construction of monumental buildings was concentrated in Samarkand and Shahrisabz. However, under Ulughbek, the powerful clergy of Bukhara initiated the construction of a new Djuma Mosque on the site of the old one. Its dimensions are just slightly smaller than those of the Bibi-Khanum, Temur's congregational mosque in Samarkand. However, Bukhara's Djuma Mosque is not decorated as elaborately as the Bibi-Khanum. The layout of the Djuma Mosque (named the Kalyan Mosque) is traditional: a rectangular courtyard with a tall and large maksura room on the west side. Each of the courtyard axes has a large ayvan and the perimeter of the courtyard is built up with pillar-domed galleries (there are 758 pillars and 788 domes). The maksura is square and has deeply recessed niches on the transverse axis and a mihhrab on the main axis. Slabbing is typical for the early fifteenth century, -an octahedron of arched pendentives supports a vaulted inner dome and is capped by a spherical blue outer dome upon a drum. This structure still dominates the skyline of Bukhara. Construction of the mosque was completed in 6569 under the direction of Ubaidulla-khan. New elements were a main facade with peshtok in the centre of it, gul-dasta (towers) and arches on the walls.

The decor of the mosque is constrained, composed primarily of glazed tiles and bricks that form knots, and is concentrated mainly on the main facade and the mihrab. Interestingly, however, beyond this facade archaeological research has revealed an earlier decor, composed of six sided tiles and a mosaic border. The earlier decor is marked with the name of the master who made it, Bayazid Purani, and dates back to the fifteenth century. Kaadali is one film which has been promoted quite heavily in the recent past. Touted to be a triangular love story, the film has hit the screens all over today. Let s see how it is. The story of the film is about a middle-class girl called Bandhavi(Pooja) who is fed up with all her marriage alliances getting disrupted at the last minute. Left with no choice, she decides to find the man of her life herself. In this process, she comes across two young guys played by Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan and starts getting close to them. The twist in the tale arises when both the boys fall neck deep in love with her. What will Bandhavi do now? Who will she pick as her life partner? That forms the rest of the story. The basic story of dating two guys at a time looks quite contemporary and has also been handled decently in the first half. Both the young heroes are extremely handsome and play their parts convincingly till the end. Sai Ronak suits the rich boy’s role perfectly and does well in his character which has some negative touch. But it is Harish Kalyan who gets a meaty role and the emotional touch in his character gives him an edge in the film. All his scenes with his mother have come out quite nicely. The romantic scenes that have been executed with each of the hero featuring the heroine have also come out well.

Some family emotions also work to an extent. Bhanu Avirineni, who does the doctor s role is good with his comedy. One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is it is painfully slow. The proceedings take their own sweet time to shape for the actual twist which is also very predictable. Even though the heroine looks good, too much of emphasis is on her character and a known face would have helped matters a lot. The second half of the film goes down completely as many scenes keep repeating. All they show is a heroine s quarrel with each hero and a heartbreak song. The romance is gone and heroine s attitude and the way she is caught between the two is also showcased in a very boring and routine manner. The climax of the film also looks outright silly as the major reason why the girl chooses a particular hero is not explained properly. The end is wrapped in a hurry as the heroine just chooses one of them and the scenes that showcases this have absolutely no depth. Production values of the film are very good keeping the budget in mind. Most of the film is shot in Sri Lanka and the impressive camera work showcases the film in a good light. Music by Praveen Shyam is decent and so was the background score. Dialogues were decent and so was the set up of the film. Editing was lethargic as the makers could have edited out so much content from the film. Coming to the director Pattabhi, even though he chose a novel point, he disappointed in his execution. He narrated the first half in a decent way with some good scenes featuring the three main characters. But post the halftime, he did not have much to showcase and made the film wander here and there. There is also no proper justification shown as he diluted the heroine s role and made her silly in the end.

On the whole, Kaadali has a contemporary story but is let down by some lazy execution. Some romantic moments here and there entertain the audience but the rest of the film is painfully slow. Both the heroes, Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan look quite promising and should do well in the future. All those who like love stories can give this film a shot but they need to go in well prepared as the film takes it own sweet time to unfold.

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