Kettle of fish the meaning and origin of this phrase

It might only take a minute, two at most. But that wait for the water to boil when you're desperate for your morning tea can seem like an eternity. But now a revolutionary new kettle that hooks up to your wifi could put an end to the agony - and shave minutes off your daily routine. The iKettle can be switched on remotely over the internet using a smartphone, meaning you can get your tea on the go from anywhere in your house - and yes, that includes bed. Futuristic: The iKettle can be switched on remotely using a smartphone app - and will even wake you up to ask you if you would like it switched onThere will be no more dashing out during X Factor ad breaks and hopping from foot to foot while the thing slowly boils either. Control: The kettle can be set to boil at a variety of different temperatures depending on the drink required.

Green tea is best at 85f, coffee at 95fNow if only it could make the tea and bring it up to us too, our lives really would be complete. Design features: The kettle has a soft-touch handle and transparent lid so you can see how much water is in the jugHi-tech: The app will wake you up with a morning message or welcome you home with a missive asking if you'd like the kettle boiled

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