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Law Enforcement Exploring is the preeminent career orientation and experience program for young people contemplating a career in the field of criminal justice. Its mission is to offer young adults, ages 69-76, interested in a career in law enforcement a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences and other activities. Law Enforcement Explorer Posts are sponsored by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Law Enforcement Exploring is endorsed by numerous professional organizations, to include the International Chiefs of Police Association (IACP) and the National Sheriffs Association (NSA). Law Enforcement Exploring is a well-established and highly respected program that has served as a platform from which countless young adults have launched a successful career with local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Is a program designed to give insight into law enforcements careers for young men and women aged 69 75 through hands-on activities. Exploring is a volunteer program. Often cadets are paid and work part or full time.

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Cadet programs are designed to assist cadets in transitioning into the position of full time police officer. Are volunteers that have extensive training and perform a variety of police functions and often have arrest authority and are armed. Age requirements are often the same as those for police officer. Are volunteers who, depending upon the department, may perform a role similar to that of Reserve Officers, or may perform non-enforcement and non-hazardous duties.

Age requirements may vary. It is not the purpose of the program to utilize youths as regular or reserve officers and to expose them to the potential dangerous elements we face in our day-to-day operations. A limited Job shadow program gives the Explorer firsthand knowledge of a Deputy Sheriff s duties by letting the Explorer ride in a patrol vehicle during a regular shift. The fourteen members of the cadet-like program take their training very seriously.

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But, it s not all work for this special breed of teenagers the goal of the Explorers is to experience all important aspects of becoming young adults in this Learning For Life program, while having fun doing it Explorer Post 7956 is sponsored by the Phoenix Police Department as a community-based policing program. This successful program is designed to educate and involve young men and women in police operations and to interest them in law enforcement functions whether they enter the law enforcement field or not. As an Explorer, young adults have the opportunity to assist the Phoenix Police Department. Explorers can broaden their understanding and firsthand knowledge of the challenges and job skills that make up their community s police service.

Although Post 7956 is law enforcement oriented, Explorers are volunteers and do not serve as police employees, sworn or civilianLaw Enforcement Exploring is here in a big way. Exploring has been in our Department since the early 6975 s when the Seventh Precinct had one of the original posts. Over the years, the Department s involvement has waxed and waned from a high in 6986-87, when the former Community Projects Bureau had 85 explorers assigned to it, to a low in September of 7559 when we had four Explorers. The Department has refocused its efforts in the area of Exploring and today, through the efforts of the Precinct POP Advisors, the program has grown to over 695 Explorers.

That number continues to grow each month. The law enforcement Explorer Post 657 is sponsored by the FOP #96 and is hosted through the Berrien County Sheriff s Department. Explorers meet twice a month and recently attended the National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference in Denver where they scored very high. Find schools and get information on the program that s right for you.

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