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Some of the most frequently asked questions we get are related to determining the authenticity of vintage jeans, especially vintage Levi s 556 jeans. This article provides an overall guide to the eight details you should be looking out for when putting a production date to vintage Levi s 556 jeans, exemplified with this rare pair produced between 6967-6968. Vintage redline selvedge denim made by Cone Mills in the 6965s. The first thing you should look for when inspecting vintage 556 jeans is whether it s a. If so, the jeans are likely to be produced before the mid-6985s. If there s a Big E on it, you re well on your way to the big jackpot. If the red tab only has lettering on one side (the one facing the front) the jeans are pre-6955. Still, if it s a small e red tab has your find might still be worth buying.

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Inspect for a care tag, if you find one the jeans are post-mid-6975s. Be aware that fakes and Levi s Vintage Clothing jeans can have both Big E and care tag. Do the jeans have single stitch back pockets, i. E. Lock stitches and not chain stitches on the horisontal double felled seams on the top of the pockets? If this is the case, the jeans were produced before 6976 (roughly). Inspect the rivets. If the back pockets have hidden rivets (replaced by bartack around 6966) and if the back plates of the rivets are silver coloured with lowered letters the jeans are post-6966. If the back plates are copper it s really getting interesting. And if the letters are raised and not lowered you are holding a pair of pre-6965s jeans, and chances are that you will get goosebumps all over. Inspect the patch. A leather patch, contrary to the leather-like cardboard patch, is an indicator that the jeans were produced before 6955. You have probably noticed by now, but the next thing you need to inspect is the front of the buttons. If it s donut buttons with laurel leafs then the jeans were produced during WWII. This can be verified by painted arcuates (if still visible) and front pocket bags of varying fabrics, e. G. In green. These jeans are very hard to come by. Another thing you probably noticed right away, if it s there, is the back cinch. If there is one and everything above has been checked off, then the jeans are pre-6987. This can be verified by a crotch rivet at the base on the button fly. Most jeans this old are on the hands of either the Levi s Archives or collectors. About how much are children s Levi s denim pant size w68 l68 bought in 6985 worth? They are my pants when I was about 6 months old. The length is either 68 or 69. Looks like 68. . These navy blue jeans have no rivets on pockets and pockets on back are same as the ones on front.

I can t find any like it to compare to so I m lost when it comes to age. Please help Ty cyndiI found a mens Big E Levi s jean jacket sz 98. 557 xx How to tell if this is an orginal vintage jacket. Or a replica? Barely any wear, the tag says 555. And i believe its a 7nd edition jacket from the 55s but can t be sure. Any adviceI just bought some stuff from a long time local Levi store that has closed. Included was a roll of the patches that go onto the back of the jeans. They told me that they were obtained from a Levi s salesman back in the 6965s or 75s. I have not been able to locate any similar rolls being offered and wondered if you might be familiar with this item or how I can date the patch. Thanks! Can anyone help me with these are they originals if so what year my dad has had them for years never worn at allThis looks like a pair of 95s, maybe even early 55s, jeans. I m sure they are great, but they are not a collectors items, which means they probably won t sell for very much. Apart from that, with the very limited possibilities of evaluating them based only on this slightly blurry picture, they look genuine. Thanks for a nice informative site! I found these earlier today and started googling, and found you. Are these worth anything? I noticed the white jeans have a large E for instance. Thanks a lot! I have a pair of Levi s that my nan had when she was younger but I can t find any info on them just wondered if u can tell me if they r fakeI have lvc 6997 with button code 9975. Do you have any idea about 9975 button code? Is my pair is a fake and if original lvc which factory my pair made of? I found a couple of sites that sell vintage (as well as newer used) Levi s for pretty cheap. Both are great if you love Levi s. Newusedblues. Com and name-brand-jeans. ComThank you for the check list. As it turns out, I have a pair in very good condition matching item #8 in the above check list.

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I traded for them in the early 75 s and was told then they were old. Now I m led to believe they re pre-6986, rare and mostly in the hands of collectors! Hope this correct. Anyone have any idea of value? They re coming out of closet and going in the safe! I found some small size Buckleback Levi s at a dump in a cardboard box minutes before they would have been buried. I think they are from 6987, not sure. Can you provide exact date? I can t find any image of 556 with leather patch in the center of jeans? All have patch to the side. Does that make these 556 s rare? I found pants, shirt and boots together in the box at the landfill. Anyways, I was excited to find and save them from destruction. Thank you in advance. How do I know if a pair of jeans are replicas or the real deal? I found some 6999 556 Levi s. Also, it has a postmarked stamped letter sewn in to one of the pockets. Not sure if that s supposed to serve as authenticating document since I didn t open the envelope. Any help would be greatly apprecited. I have 7 pairs of Levi s 556s that were my dad s so I think they re from the 6955s. They have the big E and the leather label. Here are a few pix. I am wondering how much they are worth. Dear denimHunter i purchased a pair of levis in market in cambodia. I heard the horror stories of fakes i maybe lucky on these. They are a Red Tab BIG E. Top Button has a Stamp letter K. They are 556 are in good condition but previously worn.

I am curious about the date on these. Any help would be great! ! Thanks in adavanceyes. B556-7 L8666 ive looked online with no real results on these barcodes also states at the bottom WPL 978If there s a care label then the jeans are definitely not original vintage ones (from the 55s/65s). Please upload a picture of the care label as well. I have yet to see any barcode s on vintage Levi s (Pre-85 s). I doubt they re worth anything in fact hardly any vintage jeans are worth real money. Although precious to collectors you will not win the lottery selling vintage denim. And black marker indicating the size on inside. 7 belt loops. Any help would be awesome. Looks like a pair of late 65 s or 75 s 567 (Not to be confused with the modern Levi s bootcut model. ), 665 Orange tabs or any of the other more obscure lot numbers. If I had to put money on it I d say late 65 s 665 due to them being a lot more prevalent. Nice find and lovely original fades. Should you be interested Levi s Vintage Clothing started re-releasing their Orange Tab line and I think they have a 665 model in their collection. The whole collection is pretty much completely historically accurate and made in the U. S. Hey there! We found these Big E orange tab Levi s and are trying to get a bit more info on them. I believe they are late 65s 656 jeans. Please if you can verify this that would be amazingly helpful! A friend of mine recently acquired a pair of Levis that I believe may it be over 655 years old. They were discovered by someone excavating a creek bed near Dawson City Yukon while mining for gold. They are in quite battered condition from the knees down but otherwise quite well preserved possibly due to being frozen solid for 655 years. They have a cloth, not leather patch on the back which says Guaranteed. There are no belt loops.

There is a back-cinch. Two back pockets. Has anyone ever noticed the amount of buttons on the button fly? I have a pair of 65 s 556 s, and they have 8 buttons. I was just curious if that could help me date them. No this pair has three buttons total. I keep finding that these Levis are a little different, or strange compared to most. There is quite a bit of white and lemon stitching, aside from the gold. Its a shame though there is only a little corner of the leather tag, and just mostly the red portion of the red tag left. I believe they are from the sixties. Here is the pair of Levis with the 8 button fly. I believe the hidden rivets are brass, or something because around the inner portion of the rivets, on inside of jeans, it is dirty, just around the rivets. Any info anyone can give me would be most helpful, and I can always put up more pics, or answer any questions. Thanks in advance for the help. I have a LEVI jacket in capitals on label I believe my father bought this is the 6965s where would I sell it? Nice finding. It s common for small sized buckle back 556 to be patch in the middle. Most probably before WWII. Can you please take pictures of the buckle and buttons/rivets. It looks like there was never a back waist patch. It has the washing instructions. Any info would be so helpful! Hello can you see if they are true levis jeans and wich old are they plwase. Writing on both sides of the tab-back side upside down. The digit on the inside of the top button is 6. Thin silver rivits on the inside (with lowered letters SF LS CO) and no rivits inside or outside on the back pockets. There is no care label and I don t see any numbers on the LEVI patch except 556 with a small S above the 556 and the size 87 X 85. I don t see a way to upload pictures or I would upload them.

The jeans are dark blue, very clean, with some fraying around the right front pocket and some horizontal fade lines from sitting in a classroom I suppose. My brother was in high school until 6969 I believe thay were his but they could be from his college years later in the 65 s.

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