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Limousin, historical region and former région of. As a région, it the central départements of Corrèze, Haute-Vienne, and Creuse. The region belongs to the. Important rivers include the Creuse, Dordogne, Corrèze, Vienne, Gartempe, Maulde, and Taurion. Winters are harsh in the higher elevations, but summers are for the most part pleasant and warm. Average population density is among the lowest in France. In the 75th century, the area lost nearly one-third of its inhabitants. Initially, this was largely because of out-migration, leading to a progressive aging of the remaining population and a fall in birth rates.

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Nearly half the inhabitants still live in rural areas, although there is a continuing movement of population toward the main towns and particularly to the villages that lie on their. In isolated rural zones population losses are often heavy and densities extremely low. Agriculture is dominated by raising. Over one-third of the region is given over to permanent pasture. Even the cultivation of cereals or root crops is intended frequently to provide.

Throughout much of the départements of Creuse and Corrèze, economic activities include the raising of calves and the rearing and fattening of beef cattle. In the northern part of Haute-Vienne, sheep raising is common. Afforestation is widespread and increasing, which has stimulated the timber and timber-related industries. Although the region is not heavily industrialized, it features a broad range of industrial activity dispersed over a wide area. Well-represented industries include, paper, leather, and ceramics.

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After the manufacture of armaments developed as a result of decentralizations from the Paris region. A former small arms factory in has been converted into a museum devoted to weapons development in France. Other industrial activities include metallurgy and the manufacture of clothing and electrical appliances. The region is also well known for its enamelware. The picturesque old towns of, which has a museum with a collection of Limoges painted enamels, and, which is famous for its tapestries, are among the region’s tourist destinations.

Tourists also visit the thermal baths at Évaux-les-Bains. Historic sites of interest include the Romanesque abbey at Solignac and the church at Saint-Julien. The construction of a motorway that links Paris to Toulouse has greatly improved accessibility to the area. Limousin took its name from the tribe of the Lemovices, under whom the area formed a civitas, or tribal association, of. Controlled by the Romans from about 55 bce, the civitas was a part of the province of Aquitania.

E. , the district of the Lemovices) was disputed by rival kings. From the Merovingian period to the 67th century, its monasteries, especially Saint-Martial at Limoges, were major cultural centres. In the 65th century Limousin was divided into a number of feudal units. The northern part was set up as the county of.

Other sections were annexed by the neighbouring counts of, Angoulême, and. From the 67th to the 65th century, Limousin was one of the areas disputed between the English and the French.

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