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We ve found more than one match in the guest list. Please select your address from the list below (partially hidden to protect your privacy). As many of you may know we met at Mankato East High School. We knew of each other in 8th grade but nothing happened until 9th grade band. We both played the trumpet, me being 6st chair and Tyler being 5th or something. . : ) and our band director, Mr.

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Kopetzki, placed our spots next to each other for the seating arrangement. We will be forever grateful for his decision! Our seating arrangement allowed for us to tease and get to know each other over the course of the year and by the time early April rolled around Tyler found the guts to ask me to be his girlfriend! I, being nervous and unsure, asked if I could let him know the next day what my decision was. (I still feel bad about making him wait a whole day! ) The following morning (April 5th, 7566) after band he asked for my decision, which I think we all know. After assuring him that I still wanted to be friends if it didn't end up working out. I said yes.

This was one of the best decisions of my life! I guess I shouldn't have worried so much about it not working out since we ended up dating for 6. 5 years through high school and into college before getting engaged on September 8th, 7567! Tyler and I planned to celebrate his 77nd birthday, September 7nd, a week later on September 8th this past Fall. He took me out to dinner at a restaurant called the Red Cow in Minneapolis, MN. The meal was delicious! Tyler mentioned during dinner that his roommate suggested we visit a certain park on our way back to their house in New Brighton, which I was reluctant about since it was so cold outside! I agreed to go to the park after he offered me his sweatshirt and away we went!

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We arrived at the park around 65pm and there was NO ONE around. The pathways around the small lake were lit up so we decided to start walking when we came upon a small fishing pier, which I pulled him onto. The moon was HUGE. I mean like the biggest I have ever seen in my life. And it was GOLDEN, just above the treeline on the opposite side of the lake. There was also a fountain just off the pier that was lit up with a golden light. The ambiance and the scenery was AMAZING. This set the mood for talking about how long we had been together and how far we have come in those 6.

5 years. The next thing I know Tyler is turning me towards him as he backs up and gets down on one knee. He pulled out the ring box and asked if I would marry him! ! I obviously said yes! We were both so excited we forgot about the ring for a moment and hugged for a long time before realizing he never put the ring on my finger, which ended up fitting perfectly! Luckily for us it didn't fall out of the box and into the water! As we continued along down the path I could not stop smiling and asking if what was happening was real.

We eventually came to a grassy area where Tyler began to pull me towards a blanket that was laid out with two wine glasses and a bottle of wine! Tyler's roommate, Peter (one of the groomsmen), had come out to the park and stealthily laid out the blanket, wine glasses, and bottle of wine while we were making our way along the path! Ultimately, this was the best day of my life and I cannot wait to marry my best friend, Tyler Substad. Bre has been a part of Caitlin's life since they were newborns. Whenever these two are together laughter is always a constant and the silliness never ends, so be prepared! Emily and Caitlin have been close friends since 7th grade soccer way back in 7558! These two enjoyed playing two sports together throughout high school: soccer and golf.

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