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There is no information on the Crypto 888 Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Crypto 888 Club website domain ( crypto888. An address in Malta is also provided. Further research reveals Crypto 888 Club affiliates referring to Romanov (right) as the owner of the company itself. Why this information is not presented on the Crypto 888 Club website is a mystery. Crypto 888 Club marketing presentations credit Romanov with owning over 6555 betting shops and three casinos mainly in Eastern Europe. I wasn t able to track down an MLM history for Romanov, so presumably Crypto 888 Club is his first MLM venture as an executive. Read on for a full review of the Crypto 888 Club MLM business opportunity.

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The Crypto 888 Club sees affiliates invest up to €65,555, collect a weekly ROI and get paid to recruit others who do the same. Referral commissions are paid out on investments made by recruited affiliates, paid out down three levels of recruitment. PV stands for Personal Volume and is sales volume generated via personal investment and that of personally recruited affiliates. Residual commissions in Crypto 888 Club are paid out using a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, split into two sides (left and right): Positions in the binary represented recruited affiliates who have invested in at least one package. Volume is generated by these positions through affiliate investment. Points are generated as per the referral commissions outlined above. At the end of each week, Crypto 888 Club tally up the points generated on either side of the binary for that week. Commissions are paid out based on the volume generated on the weaker side, paying out 65% of the total. Note that binary commissions are capped based on how much a Crypto 888 Club affiliate has personally invested: Note that in order to qualify for binary commissions, a Crypto 888 Club affiliate must recruit at least two affiliates who have invested in at least one package each. A matching bonus is available on binary commissions earnt by recruited affiliates, paid out down three levels of recruitment. As with the referral commissions, the following additional qualification criteria applies: Note that an Crypto 888 Club affiliate is only paid 65% of any commissions earned. 95% of the funds paid out are withheld by the company and must be put towards investment in additional packages. Specific details regarding the casino were not available at the time of publication. Under the guise of paying out a purported 85% of profits generated via sports betting, Crypto 888 Club operate a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme tacked onto a dangerous cryptocurrency model. The pyramid scheme of the business is pretty straight forward, with affiliates paid a commission to when recruited affiliates invest. How much is paid out directly correlates to how much is invested by the newly recruited affiliates, as well as how much the affiliate themselves invested when they signed up.

In this sense Crypto 888 Club has a pay to play element to its compensation plan, with the more invested resulting in higher commission payouts. Quite obviously Octa Coin is being run by the same people behind Crytpo 888 Club (the 8s sort of give it away), with a whole bunch of coins preallocated to Aleksander Romanov and his buddies. The value of OctaCoin is going to be artificially determined by the amount of funds coming from affiliates, calculated after binary, referral and matching commissions are paid out. What with 79 weeks of monopoly money compounding investment, don t expect OctaCoin to be worth much anytime soon. Especially considering the coin is absolutely worthless to anyone outside of the Crypto 888 Club opportunity. Any merchants who do accept the coin are going to be Crypto 888 Club affiliates themselves, looking only to further increase their share of OctaCoins. The beauty of the cryptocurrency Ponzi model is that Romanov can encourage affiliates to keep their funds trapped in the system, by promising that an exponential growth phase for OctaCoin is just around the corner. Real money flows in, some is paid out via the binary, matching and referral commissions, and the rest dumped into a bank account. Everyone is encouraged to retain their OctaCoins, in the fear that they might wake up tomorrow and see the value has skyrocketed. That of course never happens, with Romanov and top investors quietly withdrawing deposited funds. Then, when people start to wake up and cash in their coins, everyone finds out there s no funds left and the scheme collapses. Octa Partners has also collapsed, with the company now gearing up to reboot itself as. Someone already tried to launch a cryptocurrency called OctaCoin last year. Wonder why the guy who owns 6555 casinos is siting in kitchen and wearing officiant clothes 🙂the russian spelling of his name would be Александр Романов. And there is no such russian person big in casino business, I would know. The name sounds as is if some foreigner had to come up with some russian name and would use the royal one. There is a company in Malta named SENET HOLDING LIMITED (which mentioned with Romanov s name in whois), under company number C99698 and with registered address: It also possible that scammers just picked a random entity from the registry which does not have internet presence to save few hundreds on actually buying a company reg. This thing may be Chinese. I m finding a couple Chinese websites pushing it.

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So far I have Kelabi(dot)com and makebichina(dot)com and peacecoin(dot)cc. They are ALL in Chinese. Found even more, makebicn(dot)com and anzisky(dot)cn, they re all clones of each other. I think the main site has a clone my site kit for people to download. This thing had to be Chinese. Maybe someone in Hong Kong found some Russian random to front this. Probably promised him a lot of peanuts OctaCoins to take the heat. Not finding who is this mysterious guy. Photo does not show up in Google, TinEye, Baidu, or Yandex, other than copies of the site. And I ve tried both normal and mirrored. Baidu scares me. Anytime I stumble into it I can t shake the this is just a cheap Google knockoff feeling. The guy is too dark skinned for being a russian and gray hair is also rare within russians. But who knows. My bet is someone just took pic of a waiter at a restaurant. Too old to be a waiter. Background of that other guy suggests some sort of a hifi/DJ setup. I d say singer. My first reaction was Frank Sinatra Jr, but then I realized wrong hair. 😉As another hint, try to rotate the pic so its aligned straight, maybe it was put under angle on purpose.

Before you do searches and i aslo think it has artificial light added, maybe darkening it a bit can produce a result. I tried all that. Align, remove border, lighten vs. Darken, etc. It s just not coming on Yandex, Baidu+Sougo, TinEye, and Google. 687 SPinola Rd. St Julians Malta is a company reg house called PanlegisI would not expect it to be anything other than this, did not even bother to look. I ve seen people use Alexander and Nichole Romanov as a Russian sounding name, they forget their first heard it in history class in high school This is a copy of one-coin or bigcoin. They have the same future as Ufun our of thailand. Left in the Dark by OneCoin nice for the secret services agency s of all country s to get these money laundering guys on the run. Nigel is spotted in Bangkok as well the militaire regime in Thailand will let them get money and momentum before they arrest them and keep the funds! The OneCoin guys start to move in Asia, they know their time is limited long live the Ponzi Birds who pretend to be mlm. Ed, your info is wrong Nigel Allan is just a distributor. He is not behind this deal as he is not related or part of the management in any way. Also let me point out another wrong interpretation from the article itself, which says octacoin will don t have any real market value, only inside the network. . This is false. Octacoin will be a public coin from the very first minute. Public blockchain, anyone can verfy it and anyone can mine it, even if it is not in the network. The octacoins is stored in ewallets in your computer, cellphone, tablet, whatever So the Coins is not controlled by the company and the value of the coin, -whatever it will be is real market value.

The company not making false claims regarding the future value like onecoin and utoken. He is not behind this deal as he is not related or part of the management in any way…. Seeing as you know so much about Crypto 888 Club s management, and what is being presented is looking pretty false thus far, perhaps you can fill us in? Yet nobody except Crypto 888 Club affiliates will be using it. And only then because they ve been promised Ponzi riches. This is false wasn t supported by any arguments leading up to that conclusion? We use quite normal methods when we estimate the value of something, e. G. I use the definition in a normal market. It won t include any illegal markets. For an investment, the intrinsic value of the investment may be relevant. Liquidity may be relevant. Volatility may be relevant. A currency will need to be commonly accepted in transactions to get any value, in circulation as a medium of exchange and as a temporary store of value. I don t see anything wrong in that statement. You failed to explain why you believe it s false. Mining won t add any value to a currency. It may add some additional costs, but additional costs are not the same as value. Functionality may be a relevant factor, but it can be stored on a computer won t add much value in itself (e. All those temporary files I have stored on my computer will probably be completely unsellable in a normal market ).

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