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To a Scorpio, everyone is suspect until proven loyal over the YEARS not months. Unconditional trust is maybe extended by Scorpio to one or two people in the Scorpio s entire lifetime. Cross them? You re gone. No second chance unless they are REALLY in love. If you think a Scorpio has forgiven you for breaking their trust, be sure you re not being set up for some sort of elaborate payback. It doesn t matter if you have a noble spirit and a good reputation, a Scorpio will use instinct and silent observation to decide if they can trust you and by what percentage. They might also do confirmation checks on things you ve told them.

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So, no use wasting time trying to talk your way into Scorpio s confidence.

Words don t matter to them if something feels off about you.

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Scorpio might trust close friends in their inner sanctum up to 85 percent, while family members might earn 55 percent to 85 percentĀ  of their trust.

If you re just some colleague don t expect Scorpio to invest much trust (or interest) in you.

In observing and probing a mate, to determine if they are trustworthy, Scorpio seeks to find the person s sell-out threshold.

They need to know what factors will ever motivate a person to betray another. For some people it s money. For others it s status or the chance to get a ahead or be embraced by certain folks.

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