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This is the place to be for old ink bottles from the early 6855s up to the 6965s. Many of the bottles we have listed are strictly for the ink bottle collector. We also have a number of older ink bottles that still contain useable fountain pen inks which many fountain pen aficionados prefer over modern day inks. In addition to our selection of vintage ink bottles on this page, you'll also find related items such as ink eraser fluids, rubber stamp inks and traveling ink bottle containers. Sanford No. 779 Blue Black Fountain Pen Ink - clear 6. 5 ounce cylindrical bottle with light blue, dark blue, red and yellow label. Embossed Sanfords on bottom.

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This bottle would have originally had a cork stopper, but the stopper is missing. Ink dust in bottle. Measures 6. 75 inches diameter and is 7 8/8 inches tall. Label in very good condition. Visco Ink Bottle - I6578Visco Ink, Visco Chemical Products Co, Cleveland, OH - clear 9 oz ink bottle with cork stopper (no adornment on top, just a cork). Yellow, red and blue label with fountain pen illustrated. The label has several creases in the center area, bottom right label corner is missing. Bottle measures 7. 5 inches square and is 7. 75 inches tall. Unusual label, have not seen Visco Ink before. Osmiroid Ink Bottle - I6589Osmiroid Red Calligraphic Ink, ca. 6985s, made by Hunt Speedball in Statesville, NC under license from ES Perry in England. Cone shaped 7 oz clear bottle. Plastic screw on lid is embossed on top with the Speedball S, small amount of ink in bottle. Base of bottle is embossed: Hunt Mfgr Co, Statesville North Carolina, Speedball USA, Measures 7. 75 dia and is 7. I6559F. Werer Co Waterproof Drawing Ink, clear oz dropper bottle with black and white elaborate label. Embossed on bottom: F Werer Co Phila and in the center a quite detailed embossing of a Sphinx. Very dried up ink inside bottle. Cork style lid with dropper is loose. Some specks of ink on the label, but overall not too bad and quite unusual. Renard Ink Powder with Package - Vintage French red ink powder with original outer package. Two small cardboard boxes filled with red ink powder, the small boxes are bright red with bright yellow printing and a great illustration of a fox. The red boxes have never been opened, I am sure they still contain ink powder, as to whether it is still stable, I'm not so sure. Makes one litre of ink. These two small boxes are inside the original outer wrapping paper, a sort of oilskin type heavy paper package with a Renard label on the front.

The small red boxes are in absolutely pristine condition. The outer wrapper has been neatly opened on one end and overall is very good - label clearly readable and no tears in the package. Very interesting item from the early 6955s and in exceptional condition. This includes two red boxes of ink powder and the original outer paper packaging. Sanford's Xit Ink Eraser, small amber glass bottle with brown rubber lid inside a tin printed in yellow, red, white and black. The Sanford's Xit logo and markings are on three sides, one side has lengthy and detailed instructions along with warnings for using on paper or cloth. No matter which brand of ink eraser or eradicator, it always came with a lot of warnings! I am certain that the liquid inside the bottle has degraded and is no longer useful. Tin shows just some light wear to edges, it is in very good condition. Waterman's Carnation Red Ink Bottle, ca. Waterman's Washable Blue Ink Bottle, ca. Waterman's Ideal Blue Black Ink Bottle, ca. 6975s, original yellow, blue, black and red box. Box shows shop wear and top flaps are missing, 7 ounce cylindrical clear glass bottle embossed black bakelite lid - Ideal Globe Waterman's Turn to Remove. Blue Black ink dust in bottle. Waterman's Ideal Red Ink Bottle, ca. 6975s, 7 ounce cylindrical clear glass bottle embossed red hard rubber lid with cork attached - Ideal Globe Waterman's Ink. Ink stain on about half of the outer edge of the cap. Just a hint of red ink dust in bottle. Sanford's Tin Marking Set No. The front states that this is for marking on all fabrics and many other materials, it is waterproof, laundry proof and not affected by salt water. The small clear glass bottle with black metal screw on lid has some ink residue inside. Brown cardboard cylinder is in very good condition as is all of the tin with exception of the lid which shows a lot of patina. Overall very good condition and an unusual Sanford's Tin. Carter's Cube Ink Bottle No. 886 - Geese flying across a full moon. Originally filled with 7 oz of Carter's Midnight Black Permanent ink, now there is just a bit of ink dust in the bottle. Black metal screw on lid has a few light rust spots. Carter's Koal Black Ink No. 79 - Yellow, black, white and metallic gold label. Square bottle was originally filled with Carter's Koal Black Ink, there is some very black ink dust in the bottle.

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Black hexagonal stopper is marked Carter INX Products, the stopper was once detached from the cork and has been re-glued, I don't think I'd be opening it too gingerly. 7 ounce bottle. Label stained and tear on right side. Carter's Spotty Racer No. 797 - This is a great bottle, Carter's liked to play with words and of course Spotty Racer was a solution for erasing spots from fabric. Great illustrated label in soft yellow, light and dark blue and metallic gold. The back of the label has detailed instructions in fine print for use, also another fine print panel with Other Uses for Spotty Racer including washing windows and cleaning bathroom fixtures. Obviously Spotty Racer did it all! Bottle measures 6. 75 in diameter and is 8 5/8 in tall. Partial and very well worn box is included. The bottle has an excellent label. Parker Super Quink Ink, Permanent Black, 7. 5 ounce bottle, opaque black plastic bottle with black plastic screw on lid. Black and white label with a fountain pen nib. About half full of what seems to be good usable black Parker ink. Very good condition. Diamond Violet Special Fountain Pen Ink No. 556, ca. Late 6975s, clear square 7 ounce bottle has beautiful embossed Ink in diamond shape on three sides. Ribbed shoulder. Perfect label in dark blue, white, yellow and vivid red. Cork stopper. Cork and stopper and detached from each other. Black stopper is embossed Diamond Inks Trade Mark. Original box included, top flap present but detached, box is evenly faded, beautiful illustrations on all sides. Nice example of a Diamond Inks bottle. Weber Drawing Ink Bottle - This vintage 6975s bottle has one of the most elegant labels I've seen. Black and white design with perfect lettering and flourishes. It reads from left to right: Pure Brilliant Reliable and Opaque.

Weber Waterproof Pigment Drawing Ink Sepia - Brown - Pardo. Freely Flowing Non Corrosive in Brush Pen Ruling Pen Lettering Device. The back side advises to Shake Well and this ink is for Architect-Engineer-Draftsman-Artist. This clear 6 oz bottle with stopper with stopper is in excellent condition. The sepia ink inside is no longer fluid and has dried to little chunks. Carter’s White Ink Bottle No. 996, white milk glass bottle, black metal screw on lid, 6 ½ oz. Perfect black, white and red label with cameo in center. White ink inside is dry. Excellent label, lid and bottle. Antique Figural Shoe Ink Bottle - ca. 6855s blown clear glass ink bottle is in the shape of a shoe. Measures 8. 5 inches long,. 78 inches wide and 6 inch tall. Figural inkwells such as these are rarely seen. This one is in excellent condition. Sloan's Ink Eradicator made by Waterman in England. Two clear glass bottles with grey stoppers inside white, green, red and black printed box. Removes coffee and fruit stains, too! No liquid in bottles and even if there were, it would have degraded over the years. Shop wear to box edges top of lid. 6995s, 7 ounce, clear glass, yellow and red label, Carnation Red Ink label. Black metal screw on lid. Original box. 7 ounces. No liquid ink in bottle, just ink dust. Late 6995s. Cylindrical clear glass 7 ounce bottle is a little squattier than the regular 7 ounce Sheaffer bottles. This bottle was made to fit into certain Sheaffer Prelude Desk Sets. Mint condition.

6995s, 7 ounce, clear glass, vivid green, yellow, black and white label, Tropic Green Ink label. Bright yellow metal screw on lid. Tropic Green ink dust in bottle. Parker Super Quink Ink Bottle, ca. 6955s, Canada, 7 ounce, clear glass, white, black and bright blue label for Permanent Blue Black Super Quink. Black screw on metal lid with silver imprint - Parker and the oval arrow logo. No ink in bottle. Comes with original box marked Don Mills, Ontario. Both bottle and box in very good condition. Originally filled with 7 oz of Carter's Sunset Green Ink, now there is just a bit of ink dust in the bottle. Green metal screw on lid in very good condition. Bottom left portion of label is missing. Originally filled with 7 oz of Carter's Sunset Red ink, now there is just a bit of ink dust in the bottle. Dark Red metal screw on lid in very good condition. One sunset red ink spot on label, otherwise very good. Dark Red metal screw on lid shows a lot of silver patina along the edges. Top quarter of label is missing. Carter’s White Ink Bottle No. 997, white milk glass bottle, black metal screw on lid, bottle not marked, but seems to be 6 oz. Light wear to the rim of metal cap. White ink inside is dry. Carter’s Oval Ink Bottle No. 969, Washable Blue Seagull label, clear glass 7 oz bottle, medium blue screw on metal lid. Washable Blue ink dust in bottom of bottle. Small irregular hole in label about center, lots of wear to the lid. 989 Permanent Red Sunset label, clear glass 7 oz. Bottle, red screw on metal lid. Tiny bit of permanent red ink dust in bottom of bottle. Excellent label. Small area of rust on lid. Carter’s Ribbed Oval Ink Bottle, Permanent Raven Black label, clear ribbed glass, 7.

5 oz bottle, black metal screw on lid.

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