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I was also Civil Service for the Navy for three years. We peons didn't change too often. I hope that my stories are acceptable, but I would appreciate comments as to content, desires for other themes, and probably how you as a reader would improve my writing. (Personally, I like to read how someone involved in a story eventually panned out. ) Many thanks if and when you contact me with suggestions or comments. I have always been a storyteller of sorts and finally I decided to try writing some stories. English is NOT my natural language so writing in English is an exercise designed to improve my command of the language. Story cateogires:

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M/g, g/g, g/b, F/gHerzlichst willkommen auf meinem Profil, ich mchte ber diese Plattform die Geschichten und Phantasien zu Papier bringen, die mir seid geraumer Zeit durch den Kopf geistern. Schauen Sie einfach mal rein, vielleicht finden auch Sie daran gefallen. The best way to control these fantasies without them interfering with my normal life is to write about them. Note: i am a good person and would never do these acts in real life and neither should you. Also i never saw myself as a writer but I'll give it a try. Feedback and comments are welcome. Com Story cateogires: MF, Mf, inc, rape, nc, sad, tort, anal, best, size, fist, preg, scat, ped, Mg, mcI am a middle aged man, writing fantasies for my woman. She has given me permission to share with you, my interested readers. I am a happily married man with two kids. My wife and I are into the swinging lifestyle, although not as active as we once were. The stories I write reflect some of my wild fantasies and a bit of truth. He hopes to blend humor and sex, with realism in his characters. Positive feedback is welcome, but since he admits he is a new writer, don't bother with crazy angry stuff or flames. Grammar/spelling edits most welcome. He expects to post stories in the following areas: MF mf ROM mc Time Stop Humor Tragedy Hetero Mf group mffff Mffff MILF Scouting Stage Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains Bus. Other than the occasional ff or FF you will be better off looking for gay work among those with experience therein under the theory that it is better that people write what they know about and not write what they don't know about. Story categories: MF mf ROM mc TS Humor Tragedy Het Mf group Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains BusI am a professional who enjoys writing erotic fiction. My stories are fantasy, nothing more. I look forward to hearing from my readers. Story categories: My stories revolve around my own fetishes. These include but are not limited to pedophilia, incest, ws, and bestiality.

Most will be consensual and possibly quite tender. I do have a darker side however and elements of torture/mutilation both of the consensual and nonconsensual variety will creep in. All Stories are plainly coded following the recomended ASSM codes. Mid 95's male who finds the art of written erotica so arousing. I have a number of stories on the way. Let me know if you like my stories, i would love to hear your feedback. Equally if you want a story written for you, feel free to mail me. I'm new to writing and I'm taking inspiration from my marriage. Story cateogires: MF, bd, rape, sad, wsI'll admit that I am a closet pedo. I fantasize about young girls, but that is as far as it goes. I love children and could never do anything to hurt them. I have of course had a few innocent encounters, but never took advantage of them. I think I should get a gold star for pure will power. Story cateogires: Mf, Mg, bg, ped, Fbjust the deepest fantasies of a truly depraved masochistic slave cunt. Story cateogires: MF, Mf, Ff, fist, best, sad, tort, cons, bd, Story categories for: 6. ) Total Unbirthing (Vaginal Body Insertion) 7. ) Partial Unbirthing (Vaginal Head Insertion) 8. ) Large Vaginal Stretching (Nonviolent Erotic) 9. ) Related Nonviolent, Erotic, Consentual Materials 5. ) Factual or Educational Vaginal Stretching Materials This site is for Nonviolent, Consentual Materials. . Only.

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All my characters are well built/well hung and the women usually wear stockings and garters, or crotchless pantyhose, and very high heels. (Enjoy! ) Story categories: Mother/son incest and nylon stocking fetishI am a writer, and some of my stories are erotic fiction. There are some elements of real experiences herein, with revealing detail changed, but also plain fiction as well. I enjoy writing on lesbian and anal themes, but my stories are not restricted to those categories. I like to read and write stories that are transgressive, that push boundaries. Hence I tend to write stories about incest and same-sex attraction. That said, I do have limits. I don't write about pre-teens, non-consensual sex, scat, or bestiality. Story cateogires: inc, MF, mf, Mm, Ff, ff, mm, bi, 6st, bdsm, dom, teenHappily married male with 7 children, but I am still interested in hearing what you think! Story categories: M/F, Romance, Anal, Voyeur, Humor (so far)You will not find - Extreme - bdsm, tort, viol, snuff, bd, copr, mc, zoo, veg, nec, magic, furry, reluc. So, what will you find? Why don't you take a look? I am a professional who writes these stories for fun. They are all in California since women in California are the most beautiful in the world. Story categories: Size, mother/son incest, stockings, garters, Thirty-eight year old, single, bi-sexual, yaoi lovin', dog havin', bbw perv-chick. Dollmaker and writer of Peragrine's tale. Story categories: Goth horror homosexual rape sm abuse romance yaoiI'm a retired professional, male, living somewhere in the southwestern USA. I find that writing out my erotic fantasies helps me enjoy them more. The one constant theme across all my stories is that all sex is consensual. The idea of forcing someone into sex is abhorrent to me.

I also have no use for BDSM. Many of my stories involve young people just discovering their sexuality, sometimes with family members. Occasionally there may be a younger child, or an animal involved I will always provide a hot code in those cases. Story cateogires: cons, mf, Mf, mF, inc, 6stAaron writes teen & preteen erotica in a school setting. All of my stories are set in the same world and characters should reappear throughout my different stories. Story categories: Schoolgirl ScandalsI write about men who take advantage of their positions as teachers, preachers, businessmen etc. To seduce reluctant (often) post-pubescent females. Often my protagonists are genitally well endowed. I don't include physical violence or parent-child incest in my stories but they include almost all other male-female couplings. I am an indian guy. Have lots of imaginations about females around me. Which i will share. Story categories: indian storiesI am an aspiring writer learning the trade who loves to explore different ways of telling a story. Story cateogires: M-adult+/MF-teens, underage, nc, rp, v, bi 6st, oral, anal, size, tor, bd, huml, cuck, size, Je suis le plus grand mtaphysicien de la pdophilie/pdrastie et je compte le prouver au monde. Story cateogires: MM, Mb, bb, MF, b+b, Fb, M+b, zoo, oral anal, necro, religion, romance, ped, vegetal, violence, goreAbe Froman is no longer a new author, but is still striving to write down stories inspired by wonderful concepts, stories and images that he's found here and a few other great places. He never has enough time to write the dirty stories in his head. Favorite kinds are bondage, teasing, toys, humiliation (consentual and otherwise), blackmail, mind control, body modification and much, much more. I like a good build-up, so try to provide some context for the sexual activity that follows. Incest, mf, mmff, mm, ff, exhib, growth, preg - all of these are exciting to me, so may be part of the stories I write. I'll try to use reasonably accurate grammar and I'll do my best not to start off any story with I thought things like this never happened. Which means, I'll try to make the premise a plausible one, though probably not a likely one.

I am a white guy, early 55's, married, more or less happily and I have been reading porn on the internet since there was an internet. I'm just trying to give something back, I suppose. I hope you enjoy - Please let me know what you think. Story categories: exh inc growth mcMy stories involve sexual bondage in one form or another. I do not condone violence, torture or murder, but find that my characters sometimes, to my surprise, get into such situations. I write fantasy/horror erotica. Usually f/f or f/f/m, but any pairing is fair game. Expect to see vampires and other supernatural creatures- as well as a lot of violence, blood, and drama. Anime and high fantasy settings are also favorites! Story categories: fantasy, horror, plottedAbsinthia Vixen is a redhead and aspiring pornographeuse living in the US. An avid collector of written smut, she has been influenced by a variety of authors, including John Preston, Tristan Taormina, Lisa Palac, Susie Bright, Carol Queen, Pat(rick) Califia, and many others. As a beginning writer, she welcomes any and all feedback on her stories. If you submit your feedback via ASSTR's form, please be aware that this is completely anonymous. Story categories: The author's sexual and literary tastes are broad, so an attempt to classify them seems limiting. However, she will attempt to accurately code her stories to simulaneously alert those with certain proclivities and avoid offending those with particular sensitivities. Although born in the U. S. , I have not spent much time there. Perhaps that explains my fascination for exotic women and locations. Despite how I love stories of extra-marital sex, I am a monogamous heterosexual male. I strive to make my stories as lifelike as possible, without making them too long. I write them to get turned on by, yet to evoke strong emotion as well. Lust is, after all, an emotion.

Love is as well, but that's a long subject.

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