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I was also Civil Service for the Navy for three years. We peons didn't change too often. I hope that my stories are acceptable, but I would appreciate comments as to content, desires for other themes, and probably how you as a reader would improve my writing. (Personally, I like to read how someone involved in a story eventually panned out. ) Many thanks if and when you contact me with suggestions or comments. I have always been a storyteller of sorts and finally I decided to try writing some stories. English is NOT my natural language so writing in English is an exercise designed to improve my command of the language. Story cateogires:

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M/g, g/g, g/b, F/gHerzlichst willkommen auf meinem Profil, ich mchte ber diese Plattform die Geschichten und Phantasien zu Papier bringen, die mir seid geraumer Zeit durch den Kopf geistern. Schauen Sie einfach mal rein, vielleicht finden auch Sie daran gefallen. The best way to control these fantasies without them interfering with my normal life is to write about them. Note: i am a good person and would never do these acts in real life and neither should you.

Also i never saw myself as a writer but I'll give it a try. Feedback and comments are welcome. Com Story cateogires: MF, Mf, inc, rape, nc, sad, tort, anal, best, size, fist, preg, scat, ped, Mg, mcI am a middle aged man, writing fantasies for my woman. She has given me permission to share with you, my interested readers.

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I am a happily married man with two kids. My wife and I are into the swinging lifestyle, although not as active as we once were. The stories I write reflect some of my wild fantasies and a bit of truth. He hopes to blend humor and sex, with realism in his characters. Positive feedback is welcome, but since he admits he is a new writer, don't bother with crazy angry stuff or flames.

Grammar/spelling edits most welcome. He expects to post stories in the following areas: MF mf ROM mc Time Stop Humor Tragedy Hetero Mf group mffff Mffff MILF Scouting Stage Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains Bus. Other than the occasional ff or FF you will be better off looking for gay work among those with experience therein under the theory that it is better that people write what they know about and not write what they don't know about. Story categories:

MF mf ROM mc TS Humor Tragedy Het Mf group Outdoors Chicago Camping Trains BusI am a professional who enjoys writing erotic fiction. My stories are fantasy, nothing more. I look forward to hearing from my readers. Story categories: My stories revolve around my own fetishes.

These include but are not limited to pedophilia, incest, ws, and bestiality. Most will be consensual and possibly quite tender.

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