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So you don t have a date with an actual 8D person today (or ever)? So what! We all know that life in the 7D realm is the only one worth living anyway. There may be some comedic moments sprinkled throughout, but these shows rely less on humor and more on intense emotional exchanges. Does the girl on the right look eerily like Japanese horror film classic Ring s? No? I don t think so either. Yet, that is who all of Sawako s classmates think of when they see her at school.

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Her parents really didn t help in the naming department, eh? Kimi ni Todoke  follows Sawako through everyday high school life after her longtime crush Kazehaya-kun reaches out to speak with her. After that moment, the friends and good times come pouring into her life, and it is simply a joy to watch Sawako s feelings for Kazehaya grow ever more intense. This is a tale of two Nanas. As if by fate, these two Nanas would meet under similar circumstances — they are both headed to Tokyo in order to fulfill their personal lifelong dreams — and they would become roommates together in Tokyo.

Nana Komatsu has moved in order to follow her boyfriend Shouji, who has been accepted into an art school in Tokyo. Nana Osaki has moved in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional punk rock artist. Together, they support each other in their endeavors, and what follows is one of the rawest, most realistically portrayed romance stories you will find in anime. This is a boy meets girl love story to the very core, but this boy and girl duo are musical super prodigies! Chiaki is a master pianist and violinist, and he wants nothing more than being able to pursue his musical career in Europe like his mentor had.

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There s just one problem though: he s deathly afraid of flying. When Noda Megumi, another pianist with magical fingers, walks into the picture, that which follows is a warm tale of two people striving to make each other happy. Yuuta, Takumi and Shinobu live together in a shoddy apartment as artists-in-arms in college. When ultra-gifted Hagumi crosses their path, their poor college all-boys house party comes to an end as their own inner-demons come to light.

Honey and Clover  stands apart because of just how human the colorful cast of characters really can be. You d be hard-pressed to find another such well-balanced romance anime. The story of  ef  is told in two parts, and is based off of an adult visual novel by the name of  ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. The first thing to strike you as you start watching this anime will probably be how positively  beautiful  it is.

Animated by those artsy Shaft folks, you ll soon be enveloped in intertwining, mesmerizing love tales which intertwine to reveal the larger enchantment at hand. Isshukan Friends  is an anime that you can tell will cause you weekly pain after viewing just the first episode. Kaori seems like the type of girl who would be very popular in school, but her classmates just can t approach her — Kaori has put up a barrier and refuses to talk to anyone. As it would turn out, she avoids becoming personally involved with anyone due to a condition she developed after being in an accident many years ago: All of her happy memories with friends disappear every Monday.

Yuuki Hase wants nothing more than to her friend. So grab your tissues, because you re walking into this one knowing full well that these fragile high schoolers are going to try to overcome a lot of seemingly impossible barriers to make this a reality.

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