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I've dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men. If nothing else, this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female's ignorance of the male mindset. At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex. Thank you for this! I broke off an engagement last fall and just started dating again and the man I am currently interested in is very shy. I actually really appreciate it because it is kind of nice to not have to ease back into it. I have been wondering, since I met the new guy, whether I should initiate early on or if he ever would. This is good stuff.

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I would say that the shy man who is not starting to initiate after a while is not shy at all, but truly fearful and weak. Women need to recognize the difference, because a weak man will not satisfy them, and will be prone to angry outbursts from holding in his thoughts, feelings, and wants most of the time. While you may be right about some shy men being weak, many of us have been trained all of our lives, by our mothers and others, to not be bold, instead to be courteous and unoffensive. When you combine all of our years of being told not to be aggressive around girls, with being introverted, then you get guys who aren t aggressive around girls. Many of us are now learning, through game, that everything that we have been told, all our lives, is wrong. Some men are weak, and some were successfully trained to not be bold. When you call all shy guys fearful and weak, all that you are doing is encouraging some to forget about girls altogether, because you are not worth the effort. You may look down on those of us who need to learn what to do later in life, but in doing so you will be missing out on the majority of men, many of whom, you may have been happy with. And unless you re one the the most attractive women yourself, having a naturally bold guy is a long shot for you. Hi Tim, I wasn t the commenter but I think nice guys are great. . I hate all things game. I don t know everything there is to know, but I know a few things, and if guys start using them on me I write them off immediately. Like negs (putting a girl down in some way) for example, not sure if you know what they are. Because I get a lot of attention from guys, some men will try that on me to distinguish themselves, and I m never more repulsed. That just works on really insecure girls. I would love nice guys to stay the way they are, and be genuine. Just put themselves out a little more, if they are shy. But not change being unoffensive and courteous. Don t ever change that. Please. Hi Tim, I agree with above comment, secure, smart women that come from healthy homes like yours will recognize you as a genuine person and great catch.

The more women mature, the more they see this. The smartest ones see it early. I saw your comment and hope that this really is the majority of men? If this is true, I hope to meet a guy like you soon. Don t change. Yes, two: (a) don t be naive about why a man is singling you out for conversation. He doesn t just want to b friends. And (b) don t be upset by his reaction when he finds out. Realize that he isn t really blaming you so much as he is venting after being disappointed. It s also pretty easy to drop in that you have a bf. As simple as, Oh yeah, my boyfriend and I went and saw that film or my boyfriend thinks that. Not in a showy way, just in a nonchalant, matter-of-fact way. 6) You may be naive enough to not know he s flirting with you (although that s a bit surprising), but are you really naive enough to give him your contact info and not know 7)honestly, if I was your boyfriend and I found out you were giving guys you met out and about your contact info, I d be pissed. What exactly did you expect to come from it? Agreed that it never comes off as presumptuous if a girl mentions that she has a boyfriend tactfully. Though if she does it too obviously (i. E. Right away in the conversation or by interrupting the natural course of the conversation), it does seem presumptuous - not because she assumes I am interested - I am - but because she assumes I am SO interested that she needs to get it out there ASAP. It s an internet meetup group - so anyone can anonymously contact a member of the group. And thanks Andrew - that s what I ve usually done is drop a name when it s appropriate in the conversation. It still feels a bit awkward though but if that s what needs to be done then that s what I ll continue to do.

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Internet meetup groups are well known for being a way to meet up with other singles. So, that being said, I would make it a point to casually mention your boyfriend if you are talking to an unknown male for more than a few moments. Also, as a woman, I find it odd that you would have conversations long enough to warrant being asked for a date and not once mention your SO. It s not that they are flaunting it - it is just that their SO is such a big part of their life, someone important to them, that they respect and take pride in, and think about often that it is natural for them to mention him. What did you do this weekend? Oh, Neil and I went to see a movie. It s completely natural to mention your SO when you have one. I rather think it is more odd to not mention your SO and something you are making an effort to do, if he really is important to you. It makes no sense to me to mention him when talking about art or a play he did not see or literature he did not read. Andrew, I have the opposite problem. I consider myself very outgoing and chatty with strangers. I find that when talking to bank tellers, cashiers, grocery store guys, they often mention their girlfriends early on in conversation and we are talking about a neutral subject (cost of item, sale, what isle X is in). Is this a sign that they think I am hitting on them? AnonymousLillyAnonymous in the meetup group: get yourself a fake ring. That ll stop men from getting the wrong idea. If your SO of 65 years asks about it, tell him you re trying to prevent other guys from hitting on you. You should be able to talk to anyone without them presuming you are available for a date. Oh my god, ALL THE TIME, dudes talking, hanging out, never mentioning their girlfriends. I feel like guys never mention their SO s. This has happened to me so many times, where we hang out a number of times and then on a group outing it turns out he has a girlfriend. Am I supposed to directly ask all the time?

It feels so horrible. There was a shy guy I used to like a while ago. I tried the things you suggested in your post. I was a little extra with showing interest ect and while it worked to an extent I just couldn t continue on. That was when I realized preferred more traditionally masculine(confidant) men. No one wants to feel like a consolation prize and thats what it felt like for me. Whether it was true or not doesn t matter because it made ME feel that way. Gosh I know the feeling. I thought I could handle it and that it wasn t a big deal and it really got to me. I ended up ending thingsI recently went out with an extremely shy guy. He took me out three times and we didn t even kiss because I wanted him to make the move. He was cute but his personality was not sexy at all. I would have continued going out with him because he made a lot of money and I figured what it written in the blog - that he would eventually become confident. I will never know why he didn t ask me out again. If he was too shy to deal with me and just wanted to hide at home playing video games or if he just wasn t that into me. The lesson I am taking from this is to not settle because it s a blow to your ego when you get rejected by a guy you thought you were too good for in the first place. If I m going to get rejected, I d rather it be someone I m really into. Even if it hurts more. Yeah this is a good case of putting in the initial investment only to find out that he thinks he can do better, and ending up empty-handed and taking a self-esteem hit. I think a lot of women instantaneously correlate the quality of shyness to niceness when in fact there are questionable shy men just as there are questionable confident men. At least you can respect the overt manner in which a confident man may display his assholishness. If present.

Either way it s good to go in with your eyes and your ears open irregardless of personality type. Yes there are nice genuinely shy men and there are inexperienced insecure men. Ive made the mistake of giving the second type a chance only to discover they were rude or obnoxious and didnt know how to be civil or courteous to a girl. Im a little shy myself so I feel more comfortable if the guy makes the initial moves. Shy guys can be as much trouble as any guy. You never know if someone is taking you out for practice. Everyone should be confident, but approach with a humble heart lest you find out you were helping them get back into the game. If there is one thing I have learned in my 88 years of dating men it is this - if he likes you he will show it. You won t have to guess at it. Yes, there are different levels of liking, but ask yourself what level you want from the guy you are dating? Never initiate. Why? Because if he likes you enough, you won t have to. And. This goes for shy guys too. I don t care how shy a guy is, if he likes you enough, he will finally get up enough guts to ask you out. I once was interested in a shy man. I tried for a while to get him to ask me out. I got tired of it quickly. I m very feminine and need a manly man to balance that out. He did like me. That I know.

The thing was, he didn t like me *enough*. His desire to avoid rejection was greater than his desire for me. And, that, unfortunately isn t a high enough liking for me to be satisfied. Safe opportunities = get really drunk (or pretend to be) so if she says no he can pretend like it never happened.

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